It has been surreal…but it is time to…

So one down and one to go, I was going to delete this blog like I did tumblr but I guess since you follow this one I should at least say good bye. Being that it is christmas and all.

Passionateprimalsex tumblr has been deleted so I am not following you anymore. Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 9.37.59 PMScreen Shot 2012-12-02 at 9.30.57 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 9.31.31 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 9.36.54 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 9.32.48 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 9.30.17 PM

For those that I met via ASkars inter web of Sparta talked to and liked it was glorious. You know where and how to reach me. Reach out whenever you like, I will respond. Those that were annoying and still are.. it also has been glorious watching you. For the one whom I have lust/love for so long and still do it was surreal and glorious but change must be made and my time shall be spend in other ways.



As for Alexander Skarsgård wish him nothing but the same. He is gorgeous and sweet and all but sorry self preservation must be had. I just can’t invest anymore of my free time that is not in my physical world. Plus I have to plan how I am going to celebrate my birthday next year and I am thinking about doing something big and inviting loads of people.

tumblr_me8nosf8pR1qd69kso1_1280Beautiful eyes and lips

tumblr_me8nosf8pR1qd69kso5_1280Best smile around. Express your sensitivity, even if it means revealing your vulnerability. Emotions, energy and communication must not be neglected; concrete action is meaningless if it is not justified by your heart, your intellect or your enthusiasm.


Aww flashback Alexander I like him and present Alexander Skarsgård too.

Anyways Tis blog will be delete into the cyber neither blackhole of where ever the hell all my lust will end up next week. But I will let it run the week out, but I didn’t want to be a asshole and just go since it is almost xmas and all. So I wanted to say  Hej då, Ciao, Tot ziens, : Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye etc etc.


tumblr_mbfkw22rzD1qdaanyo1_500tumblr_m62sa2wObN1rr9horalexanderskarsgard_2012_romafictionfest_031012_wireimage_186sut1-186suustumblr_louuuwtWz71qcfba3o1_500Alex Roma


His last official appearance in Rome, he looked great and happy the first night maybe it was the food. But it’s nice no matter what he is nice to his fans.

Anyways it time to move on or drive I love taking road trips and driving.

tumblr_m6175pyiAU1qej7zro1_400 he has and he is driving me in another direction. See ya around maybe.



PS if I was this awesome while parking tumblr_m5f2k1sV6d1rq141yI would be awesome and This would be me driving everyday all day even in the winter time. tumblr_mbbfx7UiDL1qcoa6s


I love him okay..I just do. Uggh way too much. Uggh..

This motherfucker I love him so. Way too much for self preservation. But I just can, can not love him… love him. Look at him, he is adorable and his smile the best and his dance moves gives me a whole of motivation along with a whole lot of whole lot of Uggh.

Ugg these gifs tho. does it for me boy.

So much beautiful side ass and his pant fit nicely, desirehaha the Skars twirl I love ithaha still gets me the face  love it for so many reasons.  He needs to do this in my presence. I will help him refine his moves.

I miss your stupid face.

damn your face tho

miss it I tell ya and the lips too even tho I have not tasted them yet. It is not by my will, if it was up to me I would be  biting them a little and other stuff  and all over them already. I can tell you right now it takes great will for me to not be all over them. Last time I saw them up close, I really wanted to be suction to his lower nd upper lips for a long ass time. I can tell you that I am always looking/ lusting them lips. Always!  where is the man who lips and face and body and mind (yes, that bit too can’t love the man and not his insides, brain cells even tho he should get it the fuck together already, le sigh) I am in love with. Where are you  Min kärlek?

Sadness I have it

about him

dream  good place to practice your snuggling among other things.

Anna Paquin with her Babies. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is so precious. Then Chris and his baby girl. D.E.A.D

Okay see I can be mad as a bull in a Spanish ring but put a baby in the mix and I am soft as ice cream in the sun and here is Anna with her babies. O.M.G  seriously how sweet is that? So sweet, so precious, I am happy she is having her mama time with the tiny ones. So many tiny feet awww, babies cute as fuck, sweet as shit. I love babies okay. I am proudly one of those people.  She looks like a mama bear doesn’t she?! A fierce one too at that. I know I am a fierce mama bear. Don’t fuck with stuff that is precious to me that would mean your true death. I am very protective of those that are close to me.

Anyways here she is doing her mama thing. Lawd modern technology . She has got the two of them in that carrier, awesome, sometimes you just have to love modern civilization.

Aww man tis post deserves a whole bunch of Carebear gifs.

Anna and her babies, People and their babies always make me want to have babies even tho I don’t really want them yet. Need me a good baby daddy first. I believe in family bonding and it does take a village to rise a kid. My niece which is the oldest on our side I was on Skype with her/ my sister on Saturday  and she always comes on asking about my life and what I am doing?? Aunty tis and Aunty that. Which is not much right now but she loves to tell me about her day and what is going on with her and her  teenage life and I judge her accordingly or praise her unconditionally, I love her to bits and dust. She is a great kid, spoiled some, I blame my mom and her grandad, lazy too but she gave me the 411 on the school 112 and her daily life and we laugh and I teased and my sister laugh, she says we are a couple of meanies but she loves us and we love her, sometimes she makes it so easy but I know how much she can take, she is a sensitive virgo flower. I try to toughen her up a bit, she has to be delicate but with a hard shield to protect. She is a good kid and she is happy and she laughs a lot, (she thinks I am funny too) that’s great and the little ones too and that’s all that matters they smile and they don’t worry. Then spoke to my sister for a couple more hours, we can conversate okay, me and all my family can talk about any damn thing. I love it. I spoke to one of my be sties in the weekend too, she is coming over soon with her girls.  She has two girls. I am surrounded by females. It’s great. most times. The youngest is 2 and then some she is walking andy talking now, I always get surprise when I see the baby become the toddler the attitudes are so different and of course she is more of an handful now than when she was a baby, giving her bigger sister the woes she is. Just like her bigger sister when she was little wouldn’t let me put her down, loved being held and carried. I always get along with kids maybe because I am big one who switches to adult things in seconds but kids can be great when they are not spoiled and rotten I hate spoiled and rotten kids.  Uggh there are so many babies around right now, found out last week that one of my cousin is going to be a dad. Congrats were given of course and he is engaged also so Yayy to all of that. More tiny feet on the way.

So Anna and her babies is giving me the aww babies feelings. haha. I am very happy for her, takes loads of pics and video they grown up so fast. If its one thing I know kids are a daily reminder that you aging and will die soon. Haha but I am serious tho. I don’t care death is an absolution I am prepared for, I am more concern with living and living well and enjoying the people around.

This is some beautiful shit Anna, I am gonna need to see your babies faces tho. I bet they are fucking cute. I love Anna okay, she is my kind of chick. My circle of friend female friends are more or less like me, nice but with bitchy attitude for the right moment. I will be the nicest, sweetest person you will ever meet but don’t fuck around I will cut you down or put you in your place before you get a chance to process. Anna is Sassy one. I dig it.

Oh Jesus Chris Hemsworth and his baby are walking. Motherfucker, I am going to need you to stop it. No! Okay I am serious Stop it1 Jesus too much baby love on a Monday

 haha oh my she is the cutest little pixie thing. I am gonna call her pixie so fucking cute. cue aww care bear gif

Oh the wife is in there too and that’s really sweet and lovely to see. I totally dig it, still don’t know her name and I really don’t care. They are Lovely family. Chris Hemsworth needs to stop it tho. He wants me to fall for him doesn’t it he? Isn’t it enough that I love you as Thor!  I can’t love you as Chris… you’re married dude. But that wouldn’t stop my friend plus others. So I leave her/them to it. Love you as a dad tho precious indeed. Man and baby love uggh makes all kinds of messy feels. Random news, dreamt that Fares Fares had a baby and was pushing a pram around Soder. Yeah let that sink a bit. I like me some Fares, Fares seems like a great friend and dude and the times that I have been in his presence I get nothing but great vibrations and that means we would get along.

and he is buying new clothes, Lawd he wants me to switch teams, change countries love.  Chris Hemsworths want me to fall for him. It’s really not that difficult His shit so together right now, it’s appealing and he is younger than my boo boo kitty. Even his pal Kinnaman manwhore ways seems to have disappear and he seems a great Boyfriend. Look at that he has gain my respect.Not that he needed it. What is life without learning and evolving especially in your personally life. BTW Happy Belated Birthday Kinnabug his music taste are same as my music taste that is good to know seems like he knows how to get down too.  Points. Good we have things that can connect us. I hope he celebrated like he heard it will be the rapture. Wish My Swede would get with it and together tho especially personally. Get it together god dammit. He is giving me the Sadss, but  he obviously wants me to stop loving him tis is the conclusion I am coming to. He has yet to give me reasons not to think that. Aww well distractions, I shall view them . I love what Chris is about tho, he is a good dude and good dad and seemingly a good husband that’s great, wish his family the best of course and a lot of happiness and more babies, he needs more babies in his life and I would official quit the interwebs.

I am all sensitive right now, I am gonna need a lot of hugs and tissue. Now if you excuse me I am gonna find me a tiny human to cuddle and squeeze and fawn over and then I will FB post my niece and say I love you Moonbeam and she will give me a FB like and Love u’s too and I will glance at one of her tweens friend commentary and laugh and see one of her and face palm and my day will be set.

Where are you Alexander boo boo kitty Min kärlek Skarsgård? Why are you not here dammit.

pretty much Alexander Skarsgård like all the time in his mind.

Me to his face and all tis mess 3/4 of the time

Uggh where the living fuck are you and why to GOD DAMN ARE YOU NOT HERE LOCK INBETWEEN MY LEGS AND NIGHTGOWN. UUGGH!! My guess is he has been in Sweden this whole damn time since last week and “Having Swedish fun” (without me, bastard) Well good for you, you bastard. Uggh, See, you are killing my Min kärlek for you? Why are you killing Min kärlek for you? I should leave you to it, what ever it is you are about right now that does not include me next to you. I will take myself out of the picture. Carry on, carrying on because be it Sweden or he high seas at the end of the day he is NOT spending it with me and I am taking that shit fucking personally. When I start taking shit personally I find solutions to end taking it as such, I remove myself from out of your life.  This is the last week of November and the year is coming to a close. 2012 went by so fast for me and professional I stink like french blue cheese but I was awesome in other areas tho.

I have my list, yes I am one of those people that makes new years lists. My is long and challenging but it gets the blood and spirit going. Lots to do next years, lots of great collaboration, lots of support given and receiving. Lots of new people to meet, which leads me to this. As you may and may not have notice, Tis fang gurl love online thing is waning slowly but surely and  I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE WHAT SO FUCKING EVER TO CONTINUE FOLLOWING ALEXANDER SKARSGÅRD ONLINE, IN REAL LIFE AND HIS BED SURE. But online HELL TO THE NAW. I am not made for tis adoration online shit. I am a more of I need to see it, feel it and be with it person. Real life that shit is interesting and interactive. I have an active imagination and I like to use it effectively on a real person. I love Alexander but  I don’t like how he operates.   I have things to do, lots of thing next year that need my undying attention and if my attention should be derailed it should be on someone that is close and next to me, not someone where I have to google and tumblr where they are and what and who they are doing. I really don’t care about celebs that much to google their lives. I am more than entertain in real life and if I am bored I can just chat to one of my people, trust me they are entertaining enough.

Some fun facts about me. I hate being Useless or unnecessary or waste my fucking time, right now I feel like I am doing all 3 and that shit don’t sit well with me. Another fun facts. I am very straight forward I tell it like I see and let you know what is up or down with my feelings. MY INTENTIONS ARE CRYSTAL CLEAR there is no one that can ever says I didn’t know. You know, I will tell ya. There will be no uncertainties with/from me. I hate it when people are not straight forward, it causes confusion and confusion makes me angry and you might get hurt, be straight with me. I got a birthday party at my place at the beginning of December than after that the xmas lights are up and it’s fucking xmas which I don’t know where I will spend it and with whom but I will end up somewhere and with someone, no worries there. Then it’s fucking 2013 and I don’t where and with whom I am spending it but no worries I will find someone and where to do that like every year then it will be my fucking birthday. So in short I CAN NOT DO THIS ONLINE THING ANYMORE AND I WOULDN’T BE DOING IT IN 2013 like my granny says pouring water in a bucket with holes in, useless and I loathe being useless.

I need to stop feeling sorry for this bitch. I JUST CAN’T WITH HIS MESS. COME AT ME WITH STRAIGHT FORWARD AND NO GAMES.

I LOVE THESE GIFS TIS RIGHT HERE IS ALEXANDER STATE OF MIND. Hey Alexander how do you feel about?? (doesn’t matter what the question is he will kill it to death with over thinking, while the first answer was correct he has got good instinct tis one but uggh kills it to death or until it fades away or he doesn’t have to deal with it anymore.  I guess I need to fade away, or no dealing with anymore)

 ALEX: How I feel about,  let me see wait i feel, i don’t know.., i feel so many things  okay i got it . How I feel about …wait, shit it could also be like tis and then may if you, wait omg I had it for a minute there then I let it go, (then gives general answer to save face with a smile). Yes he always Had it then he left it go. Uggh I just fucking can not.

Anyways ways some happy Flashback ASkars that’s flowing on tumblr. I see that he is his happiest with his family and friends because they know him. Him, his bitter bitch moments, his sad and drunk moments and whatever else he shows them.  I don’t know but I see him maybe too clearly but hey maybe I should stop seeing him clearly and focus my narrow vision else where. Either ways thing come to an end or a beginning. That’s still up in the air but not for long.

 I like his sweater here, he should start wearing more colors. But the pants fit all in all I approve. He is a sexy mofo he knows it, I know it, that wall knows it.

smiley teeth, makes my teeth fetish flares up. Uggh his parts does it for me okay, other than he is indecisive mofo personality. I can do without, here’s to hoping he starts making good ones and get with it already. Uggh.

 AWW TIS IS SO PRECIOUS and sweet. He is gorgeous and adorable all at the same time. Mother nature and the Gods have been very good, kind to him. He is an handsome man with a charming personality which with little effort can attraction/appeal to any woman. He is one of the few that can say he has his picking of Ladies. But the being who he is, he makes himself suffer unnecessarily. See that’s why I must demand change for myself for 2013 because staring at his pics now causes me frustration i don’t like to be frustrated and I don’t like people causing me to be unnecessarily.

haha I miss your stupid pretty face.

 Stop being a fucking  tool.  You bastard.and why are you not here again? No answer is sufficient your presence tho is necessary.

As to where he is, I say Sweden but  it’s still not with me and if on the high seas still not with me so NONE of this fuckery sits well with me anyways. None of it.  Uggh why am I spending my monday wondering where he is Sweden.

if I don’t get some ABSOLUTION soon, I will just take it, damn it, meaning erase myself from this mess. Cause lawd knows  and a whole lot of  self preservation must be had even if it means Loathing the hell out of him. I started tis year dubbing myself his girl/lady. He is my guy lets see if I end the year like that but on another level.

Anyways long rant short tis blog will be no more soon enough this is an absolution the end of tis blog, what happens before and in between that is yet to be seen. Either ways since I am in control of my own path I focus on that and leave others to be in control of theirs. I will stop asking Alexander to come visit me. It’s here if you want it but it would be on the table for long. Live long and prosper I say.

I AM GONNA NEED A PIC OF WHERE HE IS? OR HE SHOULD JUST SHOW UP AT MY DOOR THAT WOULD BE GREAT! We shall see. I am still looking, watching to  see how tis plays out, I shall see shall I.

Tis is my last post for now haha.  (all is left is action, speaks louder than words. Always) I really have nothing more to say or have a desire to say anything else. I have been clear and crystal what you do with my info is left up to you. I got that Bday party plus other things to do and living life. I will be home for the holidays It’s has been windy as a motherfuck recently it’s not snowing yet,   but it will come and I’ll need a human blanket. He should come keep me warm for the holidays and for the New Years, ring in 2013 together if not well I know what to do and I will DO IT!

I am going to leave these right here for reasons, many of them.

Just because I said reasons. Some music classics.

Earth, wind and fire baby

What are you sinking about Alexander boo boo kitty Skarsgård? (insert self here)

Awww look at the father of my future viking babies (yeah that’s so going to happen, he is dragging his feet, he needs to stop and get with it already) sinking about life and it values and the people in it. I like the looking out yonder pic this was me as a kid I was often staring out at the sea until the heavens, horizon and the sea water became one. One of my favorite pass time that and looking up at the stars on my roof when it was dark and chilly outside and there was of course sitting in the tree that is no more by my mother I am still sad about that I loved that Tree. I use to sit in it and stare out into the fields. Great times. Now I walk and think or sit and stare out at the sky at night and look at the stars still one of my most favorite thing to do. I always stop and look around and above me. Preserve and appreciate the moment.

So Alexander boo boo is in deep thought on the seas, well here’s to hoping he comes to an conclusion since he seems to be avoiding coming to one and conclusion and action must be made. You know what they say about thinking, you already know the answer to the question you seek. Thinking is just confirming what you already know. What does he already know? What is his conclusion? I for one am dying to know he should come and tell me about it really soon. I am sure I will be interested in the answer.

 he is not cold, his trust is a short branch that he rarely gives out for you to hold on to and yes that does come from him being hurt. He holds on to pain for far too long tis one. Stop him from really enjoying people and things in life.

Stop being a sad man and be a Happy man.

You were meant to smile boo boo kitty.

such a lovely smile, such a broken bear, such a wholesome guy.

he should come over so I can put a smile back on that purdy face of his.

it a pretty pic in one he looks like he is in control which I guess this is how he sees his life and in the second one he looks lost. He is not really lost, he knows exactly what he wants he just keep cockblocking himself and switching his decision. Stick to the decision you have made.  Or maybe tis is an illustration of how he work things out, the really tough ones according to him. See he makes his soul and spirit much more torture than it needs.

See that’s why I always want to do tis his poor mind and soul needs comfort and kisses.

Some bare foot flashback Skars I like these he looks so sweet and innocent in these, which he is kinda sorta isn’t is. I just love him any which way. 

golden horse is that what he calls it. Sounds heavy

 that’s what’s left of our Tree so sad. But he looks adorable barefoot and gorgeous.

I miss his face and him. Hope he wears sun block and don’t end up roasted.

Cloud Atlas just because it relates.

Awww tis pic gives me instant diabetics. This is so fucking precious.

 I am pretty sure I am over dose on sweetness that is the sugar that is in tis pic that is them.

Look at them all mother and son and hugging and sweet and smiling and tis is just too much man.

Alexander and Mamaa My

Jesus christ tho, so sweet I love seeing that I am glad they are close. I am very close to my mama(we all are) talk to her all the time about almost everything.

see he is a sweet man and he a tight hugger, he should come over and squeeze me tight. there is so much awww in tis pics. I can’t. see that’s why Icant with the cyber loving anymore next thing you know I will be putting his family pics all over my equipment and that’s not healthy. But still look at them   look at him

If i was there I would be like.

Awww look at you two so fucking cute then i would squeeze myself in that squeeze loving. I love hugs okay and I love family snuggle. I like that he tight with his family. But tis looks old and he is in the sun and those sunnies um no.

 Alexander and Papa Stellan, Papa Stellan is hotter in person. Not even kidding.


Skarszan I dig it. He can yodel in my jungle anytime.

Skarsgard swings into front of ‘Tarzan’ pack

Thesp is David Yates’ choice for Warner Bros. adaptation


“True Blood” star Alexander Skarsgard has emerged as the frontrunner to topline David Yates’ “Tarzan” movie at Warner Bros.An imposing physical presence at 6’4″, Skarsgard is Yates’ choice to play the vine-swinging hero, sources tell Variety. Skarsgard doesn’t have an offer and the studio hasn’t finalized any casting decisions for the film, which has yet to go before the studio’s greenlight committee. However, with a summer start date being planned, it is expected to be greenlit before the end of the year, as WB is high on Yates and wouldn’t tie up his schedule with a movie it has no intention of making. Warner Bros. and Skarsgard’s reps had no comment. Should Yates convince Warners brass to sign off on Skarsgard’s casting, the Swedish thesp would play John Clayton III, known around the world as the famous “ape man” Tarzan. Years after he’s re-assimilated into society, he’s asked by Queen Victoria to investigate the goings-on in the Congo. Tarzan teams with an ex-mercenary named George Washington Williams to save the Congo from a fierce warlord who controls a massive diamond mine. Samuel L. Jackson is being eyed to play Williams, a Civil War veteran eager to redeem himself for his part in the massacre of Native Americans. Yates, who has been connected to the project for several months but only officially committed last week, has had an array of up-and-coming stars to choose from, including Henry Cavill, Charlie Hunnam and Tom Hardy, all of whom topline upcoming Warners pics. Cavill and Hardy play the title characters in WB franchises “Man of Steel” and “Mad Max: Fury Road,” while Hunnam stars in Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim.” Sources say that WB execs were wary of having Cavill anchor a second franchise before “Man of Steel” even opens. Meanwhile, Hardy has been looking to take a break from four-quadrant blockbusters and tackle a smaller, more character-driven project such as Fox Searchlight’s “Animal Rescue.” Yates directed the last four entries in WB’s boffo “Harry Potter” franchise, so he has enough clout on the studio lot to get execs to sign off on his choice of a leading man. Skarsgard is an actor who the studio is keen to be in business with, starting with the low-budget thriller “Hidden,” in which he and Andrea Riseborough play parents who take refuge in a fallout shelter to avoid a dangerous outbreak. Skarsgard is also attached to star in “The Vanguard,” a Viking-themed epic written by Chris Boal that WB will produce with Atlas Entertainment. A big-screen adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ series of adventure novels, “Tarzan” is being produced by Jerry Weintraub, Alan Riche, Peter Riche and Keith Goldberg of Dark Horse Entertainment. Numerous scribes worked on the script including John August, Cormac and Marianne Wibberley and most recently, Adam Cozad. Skarsgard will next be seen in the indies “Disconnect” and “What Maisie Knew,” both of which premiered at Toronto in September. He’s repped by CAA, Principal Entla and attorney Gretchen Rush, while Jackson is repped by ICM Partners, Anonymous Content and Jackoway Tyerman. Contact Jeff Sneider at

So Alexander Skarsgård is frontrunner for getting into my panties?!  No that is not a movie but I am putting it out there (yes still) but  he is frontrunner for WB Tarzan I dig it. WB seems to have a thing for him, that’s great something me and the studio executives have in common. But my thing is bigger. Okay it’s not a competition but if it was WB wins they gets more time with him. Dammit!!  It’s not bad company to be involve with tho Alexander. Love it. But okay so there is word that he is frontrunner. If it is up to him TAKE IT ALEXANDER. IF IT’S UP TO THE STUDIO CAST HIM YOU BASTARDS. I read what it is suppose to be about and I saw Samuel L Jackson in there. So I am guessing shit is going to go down and people are going to get fucked up. I would pay to watch that. When I first heard of the idea I was like Lawd… then I was like wait a minute, it’s 2012 there is no way they’re going to do loincloths and swing across trees while he free balls his way to the river. No! That’s our Saturdays night going on Sunday morning favorite pass time when we are together and by ourselves but I finally have a reason to say ravage me you Jungle beast.(you know I didn’t need a reason write just filling out lines) That’s some Jungle fever you need to have without a cure. So much Jungle fever. I feel like I should be Tarzan yodeling but not yet I am waiting for Alexander, everyone needs a jump starter. He is mine. (that’s what I say when people say his name anyways, I have to catch my practice no.YASSSS) So anyways I digress loincloths can do that to a thirsty person anyways… see and  So what was I saying again, sexy time with Alexander now, no after that oh so I read the plot and I thought ok, when I first heard of it I didn’t hate it. I instantly thought of Peter Jackson King Kong (he is one of favorite directors man, you know why he is passionate about his films and the people in them so he ends up making GREAT movies.) So if you saw King Kong you know he has done a great job THE BEST REMAKE OF ALL TIME. THE BEST.

You know why it’s not the special effects even tho they were fucking awesome. It wasn’t the T-Rex/ Kong fight. Or you shitting me?! That was the best death match FUCKING FIGHT EVER. I would paid to see that live too even with the possibility of death. I would fork out money after I wrote my will.  But seriously so I got to thinking the reason Kong was Great was because he had some of real emotions,  he was even in love. Now that’s some Jungle white fever shit that conquers ALLL but still did you not feel his pain. His Sorrow… the new world, he went to, for her you know. He could have kill everybody. Christ if I was into beastitality  I would ship it like a cruise ship. So that being said Tarzan er Skarszan what will he be fighting for? What will his passion be… his sorrow. How will they ask me to journey with him. Unlike Kong. Tarzan is man his is real special effects won’t make it Great. But the Man will.  There has to be something. Is he going back to save his Apes? The Jungle, global warming what??? I say all 3… fuck yeah I would watch it again. So I could see it happening. I can def seeing Alexander Playing it.  King Kong is a legend I mean come on at some point in your life you knock your chest when you didn’t have a cough and go King Kong bitches. No… you didn’t stop being so sad.I know I have. Memories and I know you went some point in your life you Tarzan me, (horny er I mean  Jane) and then your best Tarzan yodel.

No?! maybe that was my Alarm waking me up from my jungle dream anyways. He can yodel in my Jungle any day..whaaaa. Me Jane, him Skarszan now I am interested in that remake in my bedroom.

That just needs to happen again. one more time because copy and paste is so easy.

I say good first big lead and it might be a Trilogy this motherfucker is on point. Go Skarszan next news I want to hear is he got it. I am guessing he does and they are negotiating how much they will put in his pot of gold since it’s fucking inter web viral now. Maybe it’s a more of when it will be filming and if he will be free. WHERE THE FUCK HIS THIS MOTHERFUCKER ANYWAYS. HE IS NOT AT MY PLACE. FUCKER!!!  HE NEEDS TO SWING OVER TO MY JUNGLE SO I CAN HELP HIM BRUSH UP ON HIS YODELING YES THAT’S WHAT I CALL IT. YODELING.  HE WAS LAST SEEN IN LONDON HE SHOULD PIT STOP AT MY PLACE I PROMISE I WOULDN’T BE TOO GENTLE.  YOU SHOULD COME VISIT ME BOO BOO SKARSZAN KITTY OMG I WOULD SO USE THAT NAME OVER AND OVER AGAIN. PPS all your pants will meet the True death and I am not even fucking Joking here. Be warn Skarspants your days are numbered. (insert evil laugh here while googling for the nearest shops he can go to buy new ones. I need him to get new ones. Prayer circle for the new ones)   Oh tis is flowing around Tumblr yes, please Skarszan needs a lot of gym time, hells yassss and oh me and my ladies (my boobies) would like to help him with his weigh training. I don’t know if they will help or distract him or cause a gym accident. But Me and the ladies are here if you need us Alexander we could just train at your house or mi there would be yodeling and sweating and and oh sweet lawd. It doesn’t matter.   But hey if he wants it. I don’t know man the year is almost over I don’t know how much of this inter web love I have in me. I love real things to touch it and caress and make out with it. I am like Pinocchio, I like real boys. What,.. I am sure that’s the title to some underground snuff film but anyways i am happy for him either ways next year there might be a lot of Skars does the gym (oh shit another underground snuff title) but if I am still behind my laptop talking about the sexy that’s a very small chance. Interweb and celeb obsession is not my cup of sugar in my ice tea. Naw man I will leave you all to it.

If Alexander doesn’t want to be my future father of my future viking babies whose names I am still googling/swedesband (husband in english) then yeah I am gonna have to stop cock blocking myself and let the universe bring in the future Mr Special in my path. I want future babies I come from a big family and when I die I would like to know I help overpopulate the world as well. Every one has motivation in life.

 no one is as sharp dress as tis,  Swag your way on Pin Swag your way on.

In a state

here is something that I am listening to for a while now.

By nature we humans are evolved to think, create etc, etc to be more human that’s what differentiate us from being animals. When in truth we are more animal that human, suppressing is what differentiate us from animals but an animal will do what they need to do to survived (defend, kill to feed, have sex to reproduce) if you get mauled by a Lion in the middle of a Safari or Zoo don’t hate the Lion he is just doing what comes naturally.(prey on food) If a cat walks away from you while giving you a death stare he just doesn’t like your ass and he doesn’t care if you know it. It has nothing to do with your money or hair or clothes. He just doesn’t like you. In saying that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t just go  and attack, kill or control someone smaller or lesser in rank than you because you are higher on the food chain (oh wait that is real life) any ways.

My point is we human think too much not saying thinking (most of the time not about things that will make our human experience anymore grand, because lawd know Gucci or Chanel is the Enlightenment in life that everyone needs.) doesn’t help to solve real problem but most times we create a bigger problem that was there or make just making it fucking worst. Check your history books  it noted in there somewhere. I worry, sure about a lot of things, my family, job, friends, partners of present (there is none) People I don’t know. Kids/adults that are suffering, people being discriminated upon for what ever dumb sexually or race etc reasons.  I want to know that everybody is okay. I want everyone to be okay. But in the end I know me just worry wouldn’t stop or change much. Actions speech louder than words and it broadcasting/felt deeper too.

I like this vid is a blend of nature and music. Of course you know I love nature not so much that I would camp in Bear terriorty. I said I love it not ,cray about it. Plus Discovery repeatingly informs me that I CAN NOT survive a Bear attack if that Bear ain’t yogi bear or just in a good mood that day. Those motherfiucker got all areas covered so yeah they say it is pointless so why push your luck.  I love nature but I wouldn’t be camping anytime soon so close to comfort next to wild life. They call them wild for a reason.

So here is Anna Paquin and her Babies and Stephen too tis is sweet and I love it and I love that she is smiling now. I love babies okay. I do, they are great and they have sweet smiles and they are lovely even when they are crying and being cranky.

Look at tis doesn’t Awww and OMG…. so cute and I want to see your babies just comes out all at the same time out of your mouth. Anna girl you gonna have to let me see your babies faces. But I am glad she got them with her now. Must have been rough to have them then they were Hospital babies. Wish the little ones best of health and the parents lots of rest and take loads of pics and video cause christ they grow up fast My niece posted some baby pics of her self on FB. I don’t know, maybe she was feeling old or something she is teener they go through stuff. everything is OMG serious right now, sometimes.  But all I was doing like OMG you were so little and cute and sweet remember when you were 6 months (of course she didn’t but I did) and you were sweet but cranky. Aww flashbacks good times one minute they are looking at you sweetly while you change their diapers next minute they are giving you attitude at the Supermarket where there be a lot of people and you have to get your. You must have lost you god damn mind face on followed by You need to retrieve it.

Anyways double strollers modern technology got to love it but back in the day they would be strapped on her back and her boobs while she does the milking of the cow and ploying the fields and the husband lol.

I love me some Paquin but you knew that. I can’t stand Sookie (too many seasons of getting on my nerves man) I can only take her when Eric is around. Her and Beehl DO NOT WANT. But Anna and Stephen are fucking lovely together and Universe did well on that match. They are made for each other it seems.

There is a lot of other stuff flowing around but I wouldn’t get into it. Plus thats not what I am concern with or want to hear. But I will post tis.

The Virgo man is a shy and modest man. He is an intellectual who loves order and control.(I see it, but still) This man is very rational and he has to know exactly where he stands in everything that he does.(but even then there is still UNSURE, there is no certainty in life except, BIRTH AND DEATH and even then there is no telegram message as to when) He is demanding and has a tendency to be very critical of others. He is also a perfectionist and is hardest on himself.(His soul n mind  must be very wary I would l say let me ease your pain but do you want me too that is the question) He is very practical and good with money, (well at least with his clothes)not wanting to show his love with gifts or what to him are meaningless gestures. He can be very distrusting and demands so much that he often ends up alone. (ALONE, who really wants to end up alone he must hates that he over process LIFE And the people in it. Go with the flow of life man don’t fight against what’s meant to happen but always take it in to account sure) He’s very choosy about whom he spends his life with and since he’s so shy, has a difficult time opening up to get to know anyone. (Aww it must sucks to be you sometimes, there is no Single cell in life everything around us has some kind of partnership, nothing can exist by itself. BUT THEN AGAIN YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT AND IT IS All UP TO YOU)

Virgo men are terrified of being betrayed and abandoned.(who the hell isn’t, live and let live human beings are flawed there is no perfection but Happiness is a guaranteed if you want it that is) He tries to protect himself from any possibility of being hurt and it’s only as he gets older that he learns to open up more to his partner. (open up faster) While he is a sincere lover, he often keeps secrets that he is afraid will hurt the ones he loves.(everything finds daylight eventually. EVERYTHING) However, Virgo men are devoted to their partners and their family, and these are the types of men who are content with quiet evenings at home or long walks where no one is talking. He’s also the kind of man who will talk at length about intimate or profound subjects, even if he says little else.

In order to win the heart of the Virgo man, you have to be able to love him enough to admire him and strengthen him. (they are loved they are just too fucking blind to see and stubborn to accept it and whine that they don’t have it when it is staring them in the fucking eyes) If you can bolster his self-confidence,(yes, that and they’re nervousness as hell and that  is their weakness. Which is brought by their insecurities  even when they see the door is wide open with candles and wine and the love is there. While they are great human beings, My brother is a Virgo the best Human being I know, but they are introverts, but I always brought the fun out of him or so he said. I would get him to laugh and bust moves randomly among other things and I can read him but we grew up together and would do anything for him goes without saying and he was in my space so I can connect better with him but they do need someone that will kick them out of their depression holes to make them really enjoy life, chill if they stand still enough for you to hold on to their hands and take to the funnier happier things in life.)  then you can expect a caring lover who loves you deeply, even if he can’t really show it. You must also be there for him when he has periods of depression, because Virgo men are very uptight; (no shit) when things happen they can’t control, they often suffer from depression.(sleepless nights, Trust your intuition they are your BFF and correct answers)  Trust him, and know that there will be times he’ll want to go out and have fun so you can always plan new activities that he’ll love to try when he’s in the mood.

Umm I see you, inside too with the long face (maybe his coffee doesn’t have enough sugar in it. I need sugar in my coffee but I like the taste of sweet it gives me pleasure maybe pleasure is not his thing but he looks like he has the Sads tho sugar or not Aww I feel his pain I too have the Sads)and awesome body. Physically he looks good, inside tho ugh… we need to conversate on his state of being.

Min kärlek I see your long face and I rise you a sort it the fuck out already god damn, it’s not that difficult. Stop making it so difficult. I could tell him what I see and feel but I don’t want to stop his process of not coming to a conclusion, he seems to like  mow over it. I don’t think so but viscous cycle is viscous but in the end come to one. Make a move.

but still LOVE him and always want to do tis he is maah boo boo kitty so there is that. He should come see/visit me so I can kiss it better. My door is open well not literally it is cold outside you know. But there is a doorbell ring. Just press it.

I would most absolutely LOVE to ENCOUNTER him. In OH SO many ways too.

The GQ+A: An Encounter with Alexander Skarsgård


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The GQ+A: An Encounter with Alexander Skarsgård

Alexander Skarsgård is tall. It’s a fact I had been told or read several times prior to meeting him. Words like viking, a fitting description based on his Swedish nationality, were used over and over and going in to interview the face of Calvin Klein’s new Encounter fragrance, I was mentally prepped to be dwarfed by his hulking presence. It is true; Skarsgård is tall. Tall in a way that, unlike most Hollywood actors, probably doesn’t necessitate him to stand on a crate while shooting scenes with female co-stars. You don’t necessarily expect someone with the physical presence of a Nordic superhero to have the most affable personality but the True Blood actor does, equally at ease talking about his new role for one of the most well-known fashion brands in the world as he is offering up travel tips in his hometown. We caught up with Skarsgård towards the tail end of a packed press day, as he took appointments seated on an oversized couch opposite a tv playing his Encounter commercial on repeat.

GQ: How’s it been watching yourself on a loop all day?

Alexander Skarsgård: This is what I do. Hanging out in my humble abode, watching myself. No it’s fucking surreal. (It’s surreal seeing poster and commercial of you and it’s not even me, but it’s awesome none the less. keep saying look at my boo boo kitty)

GQ: So what did you think when you saw the final cut of the clip?

Skarsgård: I thought they did a great job. What attracted me to it was that it was so dark and moody. It felt like something Fritz Lang would’ve directed, something out of the German Expressionism movement in the ’20s. I think they really captured that. So I’m very happy with how it turned out. But then I just walked by that freaking billboard and it’s surreal, seeing yourself the size of Godzilla.

GQ: And you’re already a pretty tall guy. You’re actually the first male to ever front a fragrance campaign for the brand, was that something that resonated with you when you were approached for the project?

Skarsgård: Of course it did. I was very humbled by that. This is my first big campaign. For me the feeling was that if I was going to do something I want it to be fun and creatively great. When this came up it was perfect; Calvin is such an amazing house, Fabien Baron is arguably the greatest art director of our time and we had worked together before for an Interview magazine shoot that Steven Klein shot. So I knew those guys and I also worked with Lara on something for Vogue two years ago shot by Peter Lingbergh – which is a much different experience from a Steven Klein shoot. So when this came up and Fabien explained the concept, that we were going to shoot a short and that the tone was going to be in this dark, film noir style, I just thought if I’m ever going to do it this is the one.

GQ: The short film involves a lot of brooding on your part. Was that something you felt you had down pat from playing a vampire?

Skarsgård: What was both challenging about this, and interesting, is that there’s no dialogue. So you have to create the whole back story in your head and come up with what’s going on.

GQ: That was my next question: What do you think the story is behind these two people?

Skarsgård: The reason I’m not going to say what I had in mind when I did it is because when you watch it, you want there the mystery to remain unanswered. It’s the same thing with music. Sometimes you hear a song and you think it’s about something and it means so much to you and then you read an interview an the artist is like “no, it’s actually about my goldfish” and you’re like well, that’s fucking disappointing. So sometimes its better to keep the mystery. (the mystery is always great in the beginning but for a short period of time if otherwise it gets tedious and fucking boring no human being like to linger in suspense why do you think there are holy wars the unanswered manifest fears in men we over think and come up with wrong conclusions plus boredom can be a bitch looking at you tumblr and twitter and all other useless unsocial media)

GQ: What was it like working with Lara Stone, arguably one of the sexiest women in the world? Are you thinking about that when you’re shooting with her?

Skarsgård: Yeah. Every time you look at her you’re reminded of it. But Lara doesn’t take herself or this whole crazy business too seriously. She is so laid back and cool.

GQ: This is an enormous global campaign and you’re going to be promoting Encounter around the world. How does it feel to see your face plastered everywhere? Is it something you get used to?

Skarsgård: I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that. It’s the same thing when you’re in a movie or when the show premieres every year and you see your face – it’s surreal. And I think it has to be. And I want it to be that way. The day it’s not you’re in trouble.

GQ: In our July issue there was a travel piece on Stockholm, a city with which I think you’re quite familiar. Funnily enough the author mentioned seeing your brother Bill at a bar.

Skarsgård: Well I have forty-five brothers so just go in to a random bar and you’re bound to run into a brother of mine. (hahaha, that means I probably made out with a Skarsgård last year. The more you know. Doubt it tho. I asked, it’s kinda meeting someone with the same last name and same ethnicity or mixture there of. Double checking never hurts but turning up on a Sunday and meaning your long distance cousin now that’s some fuck up shit.)

GQ: So let’s say a guy has twenty-four hours in Stockholm. What should he do?

Skarsgård: Well I’m from South Stockholm. Stockholm is a group of islands and you have the Old Town in the center and it’s beautiful. Most of the buildings there are from the 12th or 13th century. It’s very tourist-y but worth walking through. ( I have assemble some Stockholm favorite, very lovely city) 

All my recommendations are on basically in Sõdermalm, in the south. If you have twenty-four hours that’s the island I would go to, I wouldn’t bother going north. There are two neighborhoods that are really cool; Hornstull, on the western tip of the island, where a lot of interesting artists live and is a very creative place and then for shopping there’s SoFo, which is the hip area with all these cool little bars and restaurants and boutiques and coffee shops.

GQ: In the same article there was a piece by a Swedish writer on hooking up in Stockholm and she said self-deprecation was a Swedish aphrodisiac. Do you find that to be true?

Skarsgård: [laughing] Yeah. I think that’s very Swedish, a very Nordic quality.

GQ: We’ll make sure to tell all the GQ readers heading over there to just start ragging on themselves to the beautiful ladies.

Skarsgård: Absolutely. You definitely don’t want to brag. You definitely don’t want to show up in a yellow Lamborghini or talk about how successful you are. That’s a huge turn off.

GQ: Humility goes a long way.

Skarsgård: A long way, yeah. ( I co sign tis, I still don’t know how douche get laid but hey to each their own translation low self esteem. Get a life coach)

GQ: We have to talk about True Blood. The fifth season just wrapped. Do you have any clue what’s going to happen with your character Eric next season?

Skarsgård: No. This is always the case when we’re on hiatus and I love it. It’s a complete break. The writers are getting together now to start plotting the next season. It’s nice not being involved in that and then getting to see a script when you’re back.

GQ: Is there anything you’re hoping to see happen with Eric next season?

Skarsgård: To the writers’ credit, my fear is that it’s always going to feel repetitive or redundant and creatively that’s suicide if you don’t challenge yourself. But I keep learning about more about Eric every season. I do like the flashbacks. They’re a lot of fun to shoot and I think when you have a character who is a thousand years old there’s a great opportunity to learn about him throughout history.

(could you copy, paste and email tis to your writers god dammit or voice tis to them. I just can’t with tis mess. I am gonna need some viking flashback next season if Fuck it all to hell, I want to see more of early Vamp Eric, more viking shit and and long boats and fights. GIVE ME MORE FUCKING VIKING)

GQ: Between True Blood and the just-premiered What Maisie Knew you’re career has steered towards more serious roles. Is comedy something you’d like to try more of?

Skarsgård: Yeah, especially now that I just wrapped Hidden, about two months in a bomb shelter. It’s a post-apocalyptic drama in a bomb shelter, I’m losing lots of weight, there’s no food. (I HOPE YOU ARE EATING FOR TWO, YOU’RE  LOOKING SO MUCH BETTER THO) After something like that I’m dying to do like a Danny McBride comedy.

GQ: Well, can we hope for a Meekus resurrection in Zoolander 2?

Skarsgård: I’m hoping for it. He dies in the first one.

GQ: Of course, in that freak gasoline fight accident.

Skarsgård: Yeah, maybe he could come back like Hamlet’s father, as a ghost. Or it can be his evil German twin brother.

GQ: Yes! Out to seek revenge for your brother’s death. Now the world seems to have already cast you as the lead in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Is that a role you would ever consider? Have you read the books?

Skarsgård: I don’t know enough about the project. (COME ON ALEXANDER TIS SHIT HAS BEEN ON YOUR ASS AND MINE FOR MONTHS NOW GET INFORMED OR SAY NO COMMENT, EITHER WAYS I JUST FUCKING CAN NOT ANY FUCKING MORE I NEED NOT TO HEAR OR SEE ANYTHING ABOUT TIS SHIT OF SHIT. I LOATHE THESE “BOOKS” YOUR NAME THO KEEPS GETTING MENTION BECAUSE TB IS TURNING INTO PORN.  I HAVE QUITE PEOPLE FOR SIMPLIER TIS THAT IRATES ME.) Recently all these journalists have been asking me about it. I haven’t read the books. It’s a huge compliment that my name is mentioned in the mix because I realize how popular they are. I mean as to whether I’m interested or not, step one is read the script and figure out if this character is someone I’d want to explore or not. At this point I don’t even know if there is a script.


Skarsgård: I don’t know. Have you read them?

GQ: No. I haven’t yet entered my mommy porn literary phase.  (you can tell he hates it and is Just being polite, sensible brain functioning  not deprive of sex people find tis shit. (I have been single and no sexy time for over a year and I wouldn’t read that shit any further, it does NUTTTIN for me. Only incites RAGE!!  BURN IN HELL 50 shades of shit. )

Skarsgård: Maybe I should read those books because people love them.

(yes read it see what people want you to be in, basely people see you as a porn S&M star, with serious vagina issues, you want to be different right. MY BAD!! I assume too much sometimes. If you think the script will be different keep waiting for that life raft that shit ain’t happening. Make sure you get loads of money for tis mess. NOT that I want you in tis mess anyways)

(Source: Sebra, Photo credit: Klein)

Alexander Skarsgård CK Launch interviews.

because tis song. I just want to his body. YEP!!




alexander skarsgard
Photo: Getty Images
You best know him for his role as the chillingly sexy vampire, Eric Northman, onHBO’s True Blood and for fronting Calvin Klein fragrance ads. The dashing Swedish actor, known for his tall stance (he’s 6 feet 4 inches) and blindingly blue eyes, attended an event for Calvin Klein Encounter cologne last night on the rooftop of the theater in NYC that houses the thrilling Sleep No More play. After sipping some bubbly, chatted with Skarsgård about those Fifty Shades of Grey rumors, playing Eric, and which city has the loveliest ladies.Name: Alexander Skarsgård
Age: 36
Provence: Los Angeles, CA
Relationship status: Presumably single
On being featured in’s Hot Topic column. “I’m very honored. That’s what I’m here celebrating tonight. That’s the only reason I’m here. I heard rumors I’d be the hot guy of the week.” (congrats, GRATTIS, he’s my hot guy for like more than 2 years now. LAWD!! WHY??!!)What it feels like to be the face of Calvin Klein Encounter cologne. “I hadn’t really done campaigns before, but I felt like if I was ever going to do it, then this is the one. Calvin Klein is such a cool, classy house. It’s got a great creative team behind it—Fabien Baron and Steven Klein. I had worked with Lara Stone before and enjoyed it. So it felt like the stars aligned. (he is taking about me right) It felt like the one. (see he is talking about me) I was excited about it. (yep def talking about awaiting my arrival)I was flattered and honored; they had never worked with a male actor on a fragrance before.”Will he play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie? “I have no idea. I haven’t read a script, and I don’t think there’s a script out there. And I haven’t read the novels, so it’s difficult to say. (dude please, just read the shitty books and stop. You want to do it don’t you. UGGHH!!, throws hands up in the air and cus I can’t with tis BULLSHIT!!) The first thing you do is read the script, (Twilight was a book and book was a script. SEE HOW THAT SHIT TURNED OUT. They wouldn’t change the shitty books because Horny housewives want that nasty piece of shit mess on screen BUT WHAT THE FUCK EVER I WOULDN’T WATCH IT. I FUCKING HATE IT. I HATE SEE AGAIN THING ABOUT IT. I FUCKING HATE IT.  I DON’T CARE IF YOU ARE IN IT. IT’S A PIECE OF SHIT. I HOPE YOU GET PAID SHIT LOADS OF MONEY. YOU WILL NEED IT FOR LATER ON UNLIKE ZOOLANDER THAT SHIT GONNA STICK WITH YOU INTO THE NEXT FUCKING LIFE. NOT ALL THAT SPARKLE IS WORTH THE STRESS. I AM OFFICALLY SIGNING OFF ON SPEAKING ABOUT TIS SHIT. FUCK IT. FUCK IT TO HELL)and then you feel if you’re good for it or not.”Is it more fun to play “good” or “bad” Eric on True Blood? “I like both, I like the combination. I like that he has both of those sides, both of those Erics within, that’s what makes him real. He is not good or bad, he is capable of both. Even thought he’s a vampire, that’s how you can relate to him. We are all good and bad.” (You need to find out what tis fucking darkness you are holding on to, find out before it takes you to somewhere you can’t crawl out of)Which city has the best-looking women? “Stockholm, Sweden. Just go, and you’ll know. And guys, as well. You’ll enjoy it.” (I have been many, many times and I did enjoy it but I have to disagree, Norwegian women are better looking and more naturally looking and they look healthier too, and yes they exercise like all the fucking time over there, they made my ass feel fat and I am NOT. But yes they are because they are more natural looking and not done up to hell. Swedish girl (NOT ALL of THEM) wear way too much fucking makeup and spray tank but they are really nice tho but they need to lay off the extra, extra shit. The dudes are hot tho. But you’re Swedish so I can’t hate on your representing your home land)


It’s five o’clock in the afternoon and Alexander Skarsgard, the face for Calvin Klein’s latest cologne, Encounter, needs a caffeinated pick-me-up. “I was a barista, so I can make a mean coffee,” the former employee of Wayne’s Coffee — Sweden’s Starbucks — says. “I like a macchiato, but I drink regular coffee. I’m not a coffee snob like that.” And even if this is the actor’s first time heading up a major fashion campaign, you may remember the current star of True Blood as a male model in Zoolander where his character met an untimely death due to causes inflicted during a freak gasoline fight. We caught up with him on Thursday to find out what it’s like to lend your name and face to Calvin Klein — and, you know, to hang out with supermodel Lara Stone while you’re at it.

ESQUIRE.COM: Do you have a favorite scent? (Me duh!)
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD: Well, I have one that’s pretty odd. I grew up in south Stockholm, and it used to be a working class neighborhood. It’s become trendy but not when I was growing up. There was this sausage factory a block away from my childhood apartment. It didn’t smell nice, like chorizo or something, it was pretty foul. Just nasty. But that smell reminds me so much of my childhood, because every morning when I was going to school I would smell that. So if I ever find myself near a sausage factory, I like it. It reminds me of my childhood. (you’re a weird fish aren’t you?? Yes, he is not necessarily a bad thing)

ESQ: Is there a scent that you hate?
AS: I don’t like those artificial air fresheners. They just smell so fake. It’s too much.(yes, true but they are needed in certain areas of your house, I need that in my toilet  especially when there are dudes around, NAH!! I can’t co sign on that completely. I can’t  take bad air, spray that motherfucking and kill that stank, other than there scented candles everywhere, I love candle light and darkness eery sexy that’s what I am into)  I know that it’s weird to say (you are weird deal with it, strange fish)  that you don’t like the smell of those but like the smell of sausage. (yes, sausage factory smell is nasty as fuck and if you are too close to the smell that shit sinks into your pores and skins and bam you smell like pork, sometimes you shouldn’t know or smell what you eat.) 

ESQ: Was the Calvin Klein label big in Sweden when you were growing up?
AS: Yeah. I mean, the Kate Moss campaign was pretty huge. I remember when that came out. I mean, she was so hot. When I was a kid, there was only two state-run channels in Sweden, and there were no commercials. Now there are hundreds of channels but we still have those state-run channels, like the BBC in England, and they’re still commercial free. You weren’t exposed to advertisements. It’s not like when you’re in Los Angeles and you see all these billboards, Sweden wasn’t like that. There was nothing. But when you took the subway, that was one of the few places you actually saw advertisements and C.K. was the big one. I remember all the kids were running around wearing Calvin Klein underwear. (those Swedish kids tho I wonder what tis kid name is umm, I can’t figure it out (yes, Swedes are into label, brand crazy too) 

ESQ: What was it like filming the Encounter campaign with Lara Stone?
AS: [Calvin Klein has] never worked with a male actor for a fragrance before so I was honored and flattered that they asked me. I dug Lara a lot — she’s really laid-back, casual, and easy-going. So when this came up and I knew [who was working] on it, and the idea behind the short film — the fact that it was going to be a short film instead of a commercial — and that it was going to be dark and cinematic and very film noir, I felt like that would be something fun to do.

ESQ: How is shooting an advertising campaign different than shooting a film?
AS: There was no dialogue, so you get to play around and create a lot of it in your head. It gave me great freedom to create a character and play around with it. The energy is interesting in a room like that because it’s very intense during the shoot; they’ll play music to help you get into a certain mood, and then it’s “cut” and you go to lunch and everyone’s just chatting.

ESQ: What’s up with your next film project What Maisie Knew?
AS: It’s based on a Henry James novel and it basically follows a custody battle where you follow this little girl, Maisie, and her parents, played by Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan, as they divorce. Julianne’s character remarries my character but she’s not really there for her daughter. She’s a fading rock star and she’s on tour a lot, so I end up taking care of her daughter a lot, and we form this relationship. It was a really special project because of this really amazing girl who plays Maisie, Onata Aprile. She’s just phenomenal. (congrats on the  European distribution that’s great!)

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Alexander Skarsgard on What He Loves about His Sexy Characters

Sep 28, 2012 @ 12:16 pm

Alexander SkarsgardCourtesy

Whether Alexander Skarsgard is portraying vampire Eric Northman on True Bloodfilming a thriller named Hidden in which he hides in bomb shelters, or perfecting his come-hither look as the face of Calvin Klein’s new men’s fragrance, Encounter, the man oozes sexiness. (tell me something I don’t know. New info please) And he knows it. (yes, tis motherfucker knows he is hot as fuck playing like he is Steve Urkel when he knows is Fabio hot Scandinavian cousin.) That’s what’s fascinating about this job,” the actor told at the New York launch of the fragrance, hosted by CK’s men’s creative director Italo Zucchelli at McKittrick Hotel’s Gallow Green rooftop garden bar. “The characters that you get to dive into are so different. You always get to explore a different side of your personality, and I learn a lot about myself that way.” (Hope you are close to finding out who you are, I could take a stab at it tho, but don’t want to disturb your process) And what he learned about himself through Calvin Klein is the power an image has to make something sexy—with no words at all. (yes, sometimes speech is not necessary eye contact, eye fucking is all you need to get by) (Something that would come in handy if he lands the part as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Greywhich many believe this campaign took inspiration from.) “As an actor you usually have to say something,” he continued, Stella Artois beer in hand (though we were hoping for some True Blood). “But this I had to come up with in my head. And I’m really happy with how it came out.” Take one look at the clip above and you’ll be happy, too! Calvin Klein’s Encounter is in stores now; find it for $72 at “I shower in it,” Skarsgard joked. (HE REALLY, REALLY WANT ME TO SNIFF AND LICK HIM DOESN’T HE. YES! OKAY THEN, CHALLENGE  ACCEPTED)


Alexander Skarsgård’s Favorite Smells Are Found Only in  Sweden ( lets see if I can change that)

Alexander Skarsgård’s Favorite Smells Are Found Only in Sweden

Last night on the roof of Manhattan’s McKittrick Hotel, Calvin Klein hosted a party in honor of steamy vampire sheriff Alexander Skarsgård, the face of the brand’s new men’s scent, Encounter. Though the fragrance hit shelves earlier this month, the brand didn’t have a chance to officially honor the Swedish actor until now owing to his busy movie-star schedule. As waiters passed pork meatballs (and a ghostly looking grandma weaved through the crowd — we guessed she was part of the Sleep No More troupe), Skarsgård took a moment to talk about his favorite smells, which are found only in Sweden, his home country.

What’s your favorite smell? (ME AGAIN DUH!)

That would be the smell of my family’s country house in southern Sweden where I spent every summer as a kid. It’s an old wooden house from the twenties that my dad’s father built. It has that moldy smell and my grandfather’s cigar lingering on the walls.

What smell reminds you most of your childhood?

There was a sausage factory where I grew up in south Stockholm. It’s a very trendy neighborhood now, but then it was working class. A block away from our apartment building there was this sausage factory, and every morning when I went to school, I would smell the sausages. And it’s not like a nice smelling chorizo, it’s a nasty, pretty foul smell.

What smell makes you the happiest? (he needs to sniff me, Encounter my scent and I will change that.)

Fall in Stockholm around this time of year is great. If you go back there in October, the air is so clean and crisp. I miss that.

Last Night In NYC, the Fly Guys were invited to a special event for the release of ENCOUNTER Calvin Klein, which was celebrated along with actor Alexander Skarsgård, the face of the brand’s advertising campaign.

The invitation-only event was hosted by Calvin Klein Collection’s Men’s Creative Director, Italo Zucchelli, at the McKittrick Hotel’s new rooftop garden bar, Gallow Green, in New York City.

Those in attendance and wardrobed by Calvin Klein Collection included Mr. Skarsgård, actresses Olivia Wilde and Nora Zehetner, as well as Bip Ling and Olivia Chantecaille.

Mr. Skarsgård’s look was designed by Mr. Zucchelli and the women’s looks were designed by Francisco Costa, the brands’ Women’s Creative Director.

Following the party, all guests were invited to experience a thrilling performance of Sleep No More – the award-winning theatrical experience that reinterprets William Shakespeare‘s Macbeth through a film noir lens. The event reflected the similar film noir style of the ENCOUNTER Calvin Klein advertising campaign.


Alexander Skarsgård Uncaps Calvin Klein Encounter

After spending two months in a bomb shelter in Vancouver eating nothing but kale salads and drinking water, Alexander Skarsgård enjoyed a cold brew at the launch party for Calvin Klein’s Encounter fragrance, hosted by Calvin Klein Collection’s Men’s creative director Italo Zucchelli Thursday night.

“I’m a beer guy,” (no shit sherlock, wait a minute let me put on my surprise face. Here I thought water was your  high)said Skarsgård, who just wrapped filming on his new movie, “Hidden.” “It was pretty intense. It was dark.”

The event, held at the atmospheric Gallow Green garden rooftop of The McKittrick Hotel, also offered partygoers the chance to participate in the similarly dark, interactive theatrical experience, “Sleep No More.”

“Tonight is the first night I will try it out,” said Skarsgård, who had yet to attend the noirish Macbeth-inspired performance despite shooting in the space for two films.

“I like mystery and questions unanswered,” he added. (lawd he just loves agony doesn’t he is. Is okay with tranquility and peace and I am starting to think no. I will have to ask him) 

Speaking about his gig as the face of Encounter, Skarsgård said, “It felt like the right one.” (well it will certainly take you places that’s for sure) (felix navidad motherfucker, oh shit wrong jingle doesn’t matter xmas is  upon us anyways, god dammit, fuck 2012 just flew pass. I have not been  useful professional  as I had hope fuck. That doesn’t please me. But I have been a superstar in other area, can’t have it all at once)

Also in attendance were Nora Zehetner, Bip Ling, Olivia Chantecaille and Olivia Wilde, who dropped by after a screening of her new movie, “Butter.” The actress proved to be something of a “Sleep No More” regular.

“It is incredible,” she said. “It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in New York.

 you know he has serial killer tendencies and Jack is first victim. But he doesn’t mind. lol at him stroking it hahaha it’s disturbing)

blue steel, done. Cheese. That’s how you do that. In Sweden at his folks place or his new house or where he practice tis.

Yes, I am combing after you. Don’t be scared it will be hot tho. Watch yourself I am sure he will enjoy it. See gif. He totally excited. Don’t hate the motivator or the one asking for it.

PPS I love it when he bust out a fake grin. It’s sinful acceptable.

But don’t pull that shit on me K.

Father of my future viking babies.

Come to me boo boo kitty.


He sounds a bit tipsy tho. So much free booze. Hope he is okay.

CK Encounter B-roll v1 MQ2 from DMS Productions on Vimeo.