Ode to fame (courting at its refineness I would say whoring but she not totally there yet, give her till next year tho) Dude you don’t stand a chance against these..HW Wiccas.

Haha so we get a statement source of  in morse code way?! Why do people makes things so difficult when it can be so simple but we’re not talking about the real world here.  HW is  all sort of make up people and denial the soon people believe they are being sold fantasy the easier […]

Oh man have you been having a busy weekend? Forget networking you match making??? Well were you?

So yeah, the internet you know the place where REAL news breathes, develops and spreads like wild fire and apparently there is a fire a blazing with your name attach., So here it is Alex Skarsgard and Elizabeth Olsen were getting friendly at the Vanity Fair party Now see god forbidden that you Talk to […]

Alexander Skarsgård vanityfair tux man fits well of course.

You looks amazing in the suit boo (body wise it’s on) it fits perfectly at all the right areas. I love it. Your wearing the fuck out of this tux. But your face tho… and look at you all about the career, (at this time of year you should be) I ain’t mad at you […]

This suave, rockstar movie star motherfucker. Love him

This suave motherfucker Look at him strutting around like the model GQ that he is of course. haha I love that he is finally coming  into his sexy self. He seem so much more comfortable in his skin he is in Or maybe it the sceaming fans girls that’s making him ooze cool either ways […]

We are Family..Askars family

So here are some Skarsgårds gosh I adore them together and I adore them spending time together. Here’s Gus and Alexander being bros. Sweet! haha his lovely long finger (and face)  and Gus cute face tis a priceless pic. Boy He loves using his finger doesn’t he. Well I would like to very much help […]

Oh gawd he is on a beach on his back (lawds)with his legs up (wesus) and I am NOT on top devastating it. Sadness! Even tho it was a while back

First of all  he is on a beach without me. Sadness No I don’t care that it was a while back. Not even 10 years back. Wesus take something cause I feel ugh instantly enthrall to go for a ride on.., God I can’t even, seriously, I have been saying for what seems like years that I […]

Speaking about MULA I mean Battle$hip

I am finding mahself having a serious hard on for this movie, the plot is obvious and the elements are predictable but I am finding mahself still very much intrigued in the which way it’s gonna to go. Anyways It got two of my favorite things in it Alexander Skarsgård and Transformer cousins so I […]