In a state

here is something that I am listening to for a while now.

By nature we humans are evolved to think, create etc, etc to be more human that’s what differentiate us from being animals. When in truth we are more animal that human, suppressing is what differentiate us from animals but an animal will do what they need to do to survived (defend, kill to feed, have sex to reproduce) if you get mauled by a Lion in the middle of a Safari or Zoo don’t hate the Lion he is just doing what comes naturally.(prey on food) If a cat walks away from you while giving you a death stare he just doesn’t like your ass and he doesn’t care if you know it. It has nothing to do with your money or hair or clothes. He just doesn’t like you. In saying that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t just go  and attack, kill or control someone smaller or lesser in rank than you because you are higher on the food chain (oh wait that is real life) any ways.

My point is we human think too much not saying thinking (most of the time not about things that will make our human experience anymore grand, because lawd know Gucci or Chanel is the Enlightenment in life that everyone needs.) doesn’t help to solve real problem but most times we create a bigger problem that was there or make just making it fucking worst. Check your history books  it noted in there somewhere. I worry, sure about a lot of things, my family, job, friends, partners of present (there is none) People I don’t know. Kids/adults that are suffering, people being discriminated upon for what ever dumb sexually or race etc reasons.  I want to know that everybody is okay. I want everyone to be okay. But in the end I know me just worry wouldn’t stop or change much. Actions speech louder than words and it broadcasting/felt deeper too.

I like this vid is a blend of nature and music. Of course you know I love nature not so much that I would camp in Bear terriorty. I said I love it not ,cray about it. Plus Discovery repeatingly informs me that I CAN NOT survive a Bear attack if that Bear ain’t yogi bear or just in a good mood that day. Those motherfiucker got all areas covered so yeah they say it is pointless so why push your luck.  I love nature but I wouldn’t be camping anytime soon so close to comfort next to wild life. They call them wild for a reason.

So here is Anna Paquin and her Babies and Stephen too tis is sweet and I love it and I love that she is smiling now. I love babies okay. I do, they are great and they have sweet smiles and they are lovely even when they are crying and being cranky.

Look at tis doesn’t Awww and OMG…. so cute and I want to see your babies just comes out all at the same time out of your mouth. Anna girl you gonna have to let me see your babies faces. But I am glad she got them with her now. Must have been rough to have them then they were Hospital babies. Wish the little ones best of health and the parents lots of rest and take loads of pics and video cause christ they grow up fast My niece posted some baby pics of her self on FB. I don’t know, maybe she was feeling old or something she is teener they go through stuff. everything is OMG serious right now, sometimes.  But all I was doing like OMG you were so little and cute and sweet remember when you were 6 months (of course she didn’t but I did) and you were sweet but cranky. Aww flashbacks good times one minute they are looking at you sweetly while you change their diapers next minute they are giving you attitude at the Supermarket where there be a lot of people and you have to get your. You must have lost you god damn mind face on followed by You need to retrieve it.

Anyways double strollers modern technology got to love it but back in the day they would be strapped on her back and her boobs while she does the milking of the cow and ploying the fields and the husband lol.

I love me some Paquin but you knew that. I can’t stand Sookie (too many seasons of getting on my nerves man) I can only take her when Eric is around. Her and Beehl DO NOT WANT. But Anna and Stephen are fucking lovely together and Universe did well on that match. They are made for each other it seems.

There is a lot of other stuff flowing around but I wouldn’t get into it. Plus thats not what I am concern with or want to hear. But I will post tis.

The Virgo man is a shy and modest man. He is an intellectual who loves order and control.(I see it, but still) This man is very rational and he has to know exactly where he stands in everything that he does.(but even then there is still UNSURE, there is no certainty in life except, BIRTH AND DEATH and even then there is no telegram message as to when) He is demanding and has a tendency to be very critical of others. He is also a perfectionist and is hardest on himself.(His soul n mind  must be very wary I would l say let me ease your pain but do you want me too that is the question) He is very practical and good with money, (well at least with his clothes)not wanting to show his love with gifts or what to him are meaningless gestures. He can be very distrusting and demands so much that he often ends up alone. (ALONE, who really wants to end up alone he must hates that he over process LIFE And the people in it. Go with the flow of life man don’t fight against what’s meant to happen but always take it in to account sure) He’s very choosy about whom he spends his life with and since he’s so shy, has a difficult time opening up to get to know anyone. (Aww it must sucks to be you sometimes, there is no Single cell in life everything around us has some kind of partnership, nothing can exist by itself. BUT THEN AGAIN YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT AND IT IS All UP TO YOU)

Virgo men are terrified of being betrayed and abandoned.(who the hell isn’t, live and let live human beings are flawed there is no perfection but Happiness is a guaranteed if you want it that is) He tries to protect himself from any possibility of being hurt and it’s only as he gets older that he learns to open up more to his partner. (open up faster) While he is a sincere lover, he often keeps secrets that he is afraid will hurt the ones he loves.(everything finds daylight eventually. EVERYTHING) However, Virgo men are devoted to their partners and their family, and these are the types of men who are content with quiet evenings at home or long walks where no one is talking. He’s also the kind of man who will talk at length about intimate or profound subjects, even if he says little else.

In order to win the heart of the Virgo man, you have to be able to love him enough to admire him and strengthen him. (they are loved they are just too fucking blind to see and stubborn to accept it and whine that they don’t have it when it is staring them in the fucking eyes) If you can bolster his self-confidence,(yes, that and they’re nervousness as hell and that  is their weakness. Which is brought by their insecurities  even when they see the door is wide open with candles and wine and the love is there. While they are great human beings, My brother is a Virgo the best Human being I know, but they are introverts, but I always brought the fun out of him or so he said. I would get him to laugh and bust moves randomly among other things and I can read him but we grew up together and would do anything for him goes without saying and he was in my space so I can connect better with him but they do need someone that will kick them out of their depression holes to make them really enjoy life, chill if they stand still enough for you to hold on to their hands and take to the funnier happier things in life.)  then you can expect a caring lover who loves you deeply, even if he can’t really show it. You must also be there for him when he has periods of depression, because Virgo men are very uptight; (no shit) when things happen they can’t control, they often suffer from depression.(sleepless nights, Trust your intuition they are your BFF and correct answers)  Trust him, and know that there will be times he’ll want to go out and have fun so you can always plan new activities that he’ll love to try when he’s in the mood.

Umm I see you, inside too with the long face (maybe his coffee doesn’t have enough sugar in it. I need sugar in my coffee but I like the taste of sweet it gives me pleasure maybe pleasure is not his thing but he looks like he has the Sads tho sugar or not Aww I feel his pain I too have the Sads)and awesome body. Physically he looks good, inside tho ugh… we need to conversate on his state of being.

Min kärlek I see your long face and I rise you a sort it the fuck out already god damn, it’s not that difficult. Stop making it so difficult. I could tell him what I see and feel but I don’t want to stop his process of not coming to a conclusion, he seems to like  mow over it. I don’t think so but viscous cycle is viscous but in the end come to one. Make a move.

but still LOVE him and always want to do tis he is maah boo boo kitty so there is that. He should come see/visit me so I can kiss it better. My door is open well not literally it is cold outside you know. But there is a doorbell ring. Just press it.


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