For the Love of God see I NEED him in my life like. I NOT only want but I NEED Alexander Skarsgård yeah, for the love of GAWD!!

So yeah, look at him (I am) look at him wearing fitted pants and Sun kissed and hot and me dying, he looks amazeballs. I think I have seen all different variations of Askars and I got to say I would take him either which ways then I would ripped off all his clothes during passionate […]


So in a few days it’s Christmas and in a couple of days it’s 2012 but first of all best wishes.  A Merry Jolly Christmas with family and good friends are anyone that you consider close to you. I am doing a post drive by after this I am back to wrapping Cristmas presents and […]

The source aka Papa Stellan video interview among other things.

So Papa Stellan is now doing press for Dragon tattoo I don’t know how I feel about it yet I still hate remakes it’s never really ever supersede  the orginal have you seen the original?!?  I did and I love it and the woman that play Lisebeth. We shall see, Papa Stellan is in it   […]

Why you still not at my place Alexander and even better still why are we not doing it like they do it on Discovery Channel. Oh this post is brought to you by WHY?!

So I don’t know if I should be happy or sad let’s say it’s a mixture of both. Cause you know I am no good at this fan gurl thing, been fan gurling for a while now and it still surprises me that I am still here, either ways. You’re like MIA cool, maybe you […]

Fuck yeah I am so going to see this… it has Transformers cousins and Alexander Skarsgard in it and I am totally geek for Transformers, so yeah

Of course I am going for Alexander too, He sure is a fine ass motherfucker, Jesus take the wheel and start driving, he looks amazeballs even when he’s being blown the fuck up. hello please his face tho makes me but it looks fucking epic. I do likes me some blowing shit up sometimes for no […]

He is alive but it doesn’t change anything I am even more frustated…. why beardy Skars my lady junction..o.O

bit extreme, of course but what’s fan gurling without extreme losing your shit. But anyrooo here he is looking Oh lawd he is fine as hell and good to see he is just working and hopefully resting but in saying that  he looks really fucking tired dare I say worn. Not out but worn, but […]

Have a Merry jerry jolly holly jazzy Christmas everyone and to kick it off some xmas cheese… ho ho, ho, saywat Santa!

Jingle bells batman smell bla bla bla Santa is such a tease Pretty much the chaos in my moms house when everyone is there Awesomeness.. what’s xmas without the max cheesemas of them all Wham. Last xmas and you best believe I be singing tis with feeling till I get sick of myslef. just to […]