Signing out for a couple of days… Yeah I have a life that needs attending to.

Plus I have somewhere to be, so I am out for a while, here’s to hoping that I will get me some of his sexy  awesomeness soon. God my body is over ready for the love of GAWD, over ready I tell ya.  Could I get some of this interaction as a greeting soon, like […]

Alexander Skarsgård Arse appreciation part Deux OH Yeah!!

So yesterday there was arse appreciation and today there is Arse appreciation hell if there is an arse shot it will be appreciated so yeah, Alexander arse is always welcome and appreciated. This post tho, it’s all kinds of win, I mean look there is smiling slight bending over and water bottle that’s for the […]

Alexander Skarsgård on set of Disconnect, the apparel still is well okay I still def would. Let do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel, get horny now, Well I am already even when he looks like this.

So he looks must happier today yayy for that, The clothes are growing on me and by growing on me meaning I would love to rip them off, so that brings me pleasure so that a good plus. Yeah, I always most definitely want to rip shit off of him, I really don’t need any […]

Just because I want to slap it ever so gently yet forcefully all at the same time.

Yeah,  I really want to slap it, is my kink showing?! Oh well, DEAL!  So I just going to leave tis Askar Ass appreciating here.  Ur arse I appreciate it and oh yeah , keep up the sexy arse posing Askars I like. I would take a view from behind thanks any day. Oh just […]

Pics like tis makes me want to cuddle the shit out of him, but hey I want to cuddle plus…. with him so no surprise there.

So I don’t know what’s up or going on in these pics but I just have the strong urge to cuddle and spoon myself upon him, hell i never needed a reason so why start now. Maybe it’s a full moon, looks out window no it’s day time or maybe it’s the mom in me. […]

Alexander must be happy that he’s all fugly and stuff for tis. Aka Disconnect still from any sense of style. The script must be stellar tho

OMG so my vain bitch will be so be showing right about now, but naw way man would I let him look like tis on a daily. (okay the shirt can stay, it kinda, sorta sexy hot, but the pants and sneaks got to GO and  Oh that jacket must die, in fire) But I […]

So this is pretty much how I be mentally spending my weekend on, yeah I regret Nuttin.

 yep this is where my mind will be on and about this weekend.  yep def be thinking about all of this, minus Anna P of course.  yep def be frustrated about not having this under my bed sheet or my sexy ways with him. Have a sexy weekend y’all.