Just some… well it’s Alexander Skarsgård so it’s all justified

 his fucking colgate smile hello please!  yeah this needs to be happening, sadly IT IS NOT WTF?! I just have sit here and watch tis damn Alexander  Skarsgård, Whys?! Damn him! Fucking SADNESS DAMN YOU DUDE! (okay it getting really annoying now this want/desire for this sort like couch happening)  Oh my god do I really […]

Your fans tho they are NOT at all “committed” to their cause. Naw not at all

So like once you give off the scent of ease, they find your ass and when I say find your ass, they go to the  airport. I mean seeing you at a concert and taking a pic cool, waiting outside your hotel, alright, sure scanning flights and calculating schedules now alright then… That is NOT stalkerish […]

God the love for you right now could fuel a small village

Seriously dude we should be practising the art of procreation among other things and after passing out from exhaustion wake up and  have some coffee and make some banana pancakes while preparing peaches and cream side treats as morning dessert without using a bowl. I can think of a place I would love to eat that […]

Alexander Skarsgård I love you so damn hard. So damn hard, UGH!! My emotions right now..

Yeah, you I love so damn hard not just right now but like all the damn time. GOD DAMMIT!! So you enjoy your last days in Rio good for you, got your jazz hands up and fan gurlz were very happy and some still jizzing. How very sweet, kind of you to spread the love, […]

Dystra Alexander Skarsgård, his eyes speak to me tho..

Dystra In swedish it means miserable. Sometimes I think this motherfucker likes to be miserable you now like some actORS that think that makes thier craft better. Okay then if that works for you. But I swear if I didn’t know any better it’s like he was making it a point to look sad in […]

So he won like it could be any other fucking way.

I mean come on it’s the summer/ fall of Alexander Skarsgard. Plus I already said he won, I can miss cleo him. He is going to be huge you can see it his star it’s blinding my fucking eyes. I just hope he is prepared for the Bullshit that stardom can be. You got to […]

This Motherfucker boy, He is so fucking with my concentration and blurring my reality. I am so trying to quit him then there are these…UGH!!

So yeah, Alexander Skarsgard is NOT good for my personal and social and working life. I spend way too much time fan girling for him and I feel I get nothing back but frustion of the sexual and social kind. You kow there are people that say they are bored and they don’t have much […]

So there is a opening right that I am NOT filling I should be in-between all of this. Like All the time.

      Oh lawd this pic just became instant fave. I am clocking the nether regions and all this talk about fucking is making me think of one thing. (okay I am always thinking about fucking, like hello, look at him, ride it like a thoroughbred, sweet lawd, grind on it OMG this dog tho, […]