A++ for this lady journalist, she got his description spot on… skarsgard-gets-his-teeth-into-roles I could think of some where his teeth could be … and oh he is totally the Swedish Shaft, you damn right

I am totally staring at the passion in his pants and boy does he have passion in his pants… Alexander Skarsgard must have a dark side. He’s drawn to characters who emanate a silky menace: not only his most famous role, the 1,000-year-old vampire Eric Northman on the HBO series True Blood; but also a violent […]

People is a commenting and I shall follow suit Alexander

In town to shoot The East, Alexander Skarsgard caught up with some work over lunch at Shreveport, La.’s, popular Indian restaurant Indigo. “He ordered the vegetarian meal and sat learning his script off his iPad,” sources tell us. The actor was “very nice – but kept to himself,” the source says. Skarsgard is expected to be in town […]

There should be a cleansing in HW in biblical form, I am still LMFAO about it The Coop is…

I know you have heard of chicken coop and bird coop holders then there is The Coop and apparently he is the Sexiest man alive. *really?! hold on a second there*yeah, then after that…  The Coop! Sorry not a fan of his, he gives off major douche tool vibe and he speaks French.. douches always try […]

So tis scene right is my fave of the whole season, ya know why Alex and winter sex Ugh!

Yeah tis scene I totally fucking love it. LOVE IT! I tell ya Whatever it was a great scene and the set decor was awesome and it so makes me green with fucking envy Green that I am not shagging Alexander in the snow while he rolls over me and …somewhere (Ice hotel sweden)  yeah […]

so today is 11.11.11 that right there is an armageddon numerology if there ever was one, or someone’s wedding date

Just waiting for Bruce Willis and his oil drill (see what I did there, no?! Move on then) to save us from disater of the revelation kind but I am pretty sure it’s more likey gunna be someone (90% of people getting married tis year)  wedding date, please..chicks totally go for that kind of stuff […]

Memba when I said I want to make out with his face… well that hasn’t changed and for a long ass time too.. well that hasn’t changed either. Hey I really,really, really like kissing (him)

This is my uber fave Askar Kissing clip. it just does a whole lot of involuntary things to me and my loins. these tooWell here are some visual motivation not that I need an form of aid anymore I am pretty much on top and all over tis love lust for Alexander. I just need […]

So this video right just makes me want never get off of him, Ever, ever, ever, ever, evera… Aka coming soon (I could go there but you know I already went, lol no seriously) interview

so here he is in a comfy chair and he looks let’s just say very inviting to sit on, cuddle up with bla bla.. Ugh like I need another reason, I really done need anymore reason to love/want him. I have plenty Gawd just makes me want to cry in Swedish you know what here […]

So I’ve been thinking about having the sex with Alexander Skarsgård all week… no biggie that’s just how I am rolling these days.. then there was this beardy sucker. UGH! My vagina.

So Alexander Skarsgård didn’t come (pun intended always and forever until I actually have my naughty saucy vixen ways with him) spend his free time with me. Sexy time Sadness. I kinda sorta mad but hey when he looks this all sexy and divine I can’t think straight and my vagina takes over control of […]