I didn’t even want kids right now but that pretty much what my womb is dwelling on because of him, it’s just humming Alexander babies, Alexander babies AKA Alexander & Onata on set. GAWD!!!

Jelly beans and Boo boo kitty aren’t they just so fucking cute you could just die? If I didn’t have shit to live for I would just die. for the love of Gawd Jelly beans is holding on to his finger. Little pretty girl, you’re killing me here. Stop!! No Really. Quit. I am going […]

This most fantastic shit I have read in a while and my perv mind was fed and my imagination rocketed off and it was just awesome and tremendous and why the hell was I not there

I love these two bitches. God now I am really sad I don’t work with TB. To witness this shit everyday damn day. Jesus my pervert mind. This awesomeness.. The Moon Goddess Emporium is relatively new to True Blood, as are those who frequent it, the witches who were introduced to the show this past June. […]

I am going to flat out just say I want to Fuck you till I am blue vag. My emotions, my ever loving fucking emotions. AKA Black Book soft porn shoot

Lawd, (hold on a minute) Wesus, no (I need a longer moment) It took me a while to say something (pause again) My loins. dgadgvytegeyeolheupoe[hepupe[peohb`kdfigpad[akdi[adpdbhuyopeypzhpwy4pho paiuoeua dp[ajahdpdj  ( I don’t know what the fuck that means, but that’s my emotional state right now. For  the love of god. It’s offical I am going to rape […]

So here is Alexander Skarsgård, walking around representing the love of his life on him. (Not me, not yet but it could happen. Stop judging me. Fuck you again)

So here is boo boo kitty Aka Alexander Skarsgård, Aka, Hammarby mistress bla, bla. It;s good to see that he is alive, well and Irene didn’t drag his fine ass to sea with her. God damn he is still sexy. My loins. I LOVE him.  I’s do. But the desired one is looking kinda sorta sad. […]