My ass be sashaying away to LA okay.

So be wrapping up some last minutes, minutes things and sashaying awaying to LA to find my Swede and offer sinful seductive pleasure of the lusty kind. Wat! didn’t you see that coming. Well you must be new. Any roo ha. So just to get thing into perspective may boo is all over these places […]

Where’s mah boo boo? Alexander Skarsgårds where ya at boo boo. Miss ur face. So much.

Ugh where is he? I need visual stimulation of the Alexander Skarsgård kind. I am greedy now but that’s has already been established months ago. I am way too invested in his life stock and I need to see his face swaggging around town being sexy and what not with stuff.  where ya at boo […]

Mula is making more sense now. I was still going to watch it any old ways. Go Mula I mean Battle$hip.

Yeah! It’s going make money and everyone that is gonna go see it will see it and then see it again. I stand by that it will be visual amaze balls. Yeah Mula all the way. I should print some tee shirts. Goldilocks Planets interesting….. Then there is tis, pretty funny nice mix up. Mula’s […]

Recap the sun is here translation I am a fucking happy human being. tis post is brought to you by Yayyyy!

So yeah the sun came in last week and it’s staying too and it’s been warm and there has been a large consumption of Ice cream and cocktails. Yayyy!! I soo jazz but I’ve been calling down the sun now for months and I am a sun worshipper and it getting it just worship. Yayyy! […]

His smile is adorable and sweet. I love it. Makes me ask. Where ya at boo? Well, where.

 his smile is adorable and my Askars teeth fetish  teeth fetish is flaring up along with neck temptation and lip motivation ugh my life .  Wesus take the wheel. weakening  his fucking hands tho. Ugh my being. I W.I.L.L NOT CRY IN MAH JUICE OKAY.  TIS MOTHERFUCKER!!!  where ya at boo? You know I am […]

He’s sitting in a chair people. That is all. not really but….uhmmmm

Does it make you warm to see these? Okay it makes me feverish to see these. K Feverish. I would like  take the time to  love your body rub your body  kiss and hug your body  that is all for now I’ll let the song take it over. I WANT.  BABY YOU AND ME AND SOME PRIVACY. […]