I would most absolutely LOVE to ENCOUNTER him. In OH SO many ways too.

The GQ+A: An Encounter with Alexander Skarsgård BY MATTHEW SEBRA Read More http://www.gq.com/style/blogs/the-gq-eye/2012/09/alexander-skarsgrd.html#ixzz27oZrWDkl The GQ+A: An Encounter with Alexander Skarsgård Alexander Skarsgård is tall. It’s a fact I had been told or read several times prior to meeting him. Words like viking, a fitting description based on his Swedish nationality, were used over and over and going in […]

Alexander Skarsgård CK Launch interviews.

because tis song. I just want to his body. YEP!!   HOT TOPIC: ALEXANDER SKARSGÅRD (there I corrected it) SEPTEMBER 28 2:00 PM by LAUREN LEVINSON  Photo: Getty Images You best know him for his role as the chillingly sexy vampire, Eric Northman, onHBO’s True Blood and for fronting Calvin Klein fragrance ads. The dashing Swedish actor, known for his […]

The many awesome cute face of Alexander Skarsgård. DP/30 @TIFF 2012: What Maisie Knew

I liked the interview. Tack! Alexander for telling what I knew. He is an over analyzer in all aspect of his life.  I am surprise he doesn’t have panic attacks.  me too haha that his there goes my cool and street cred. I love it. I think he is a hoot. awww, he is blushing. You can never live […]

The Launch of Alexander Skarsgård = CK Encounter Launch Partay.

Yes, yes, his star is catapulting into the far horizon, He is def going further. He asked for it and it coming his way.  Keep your head and senses about you Boo. I believe he is smart enough but in that kind of wonderland it only takes one fake, false bad move. He is a […]

According to sources. I know I laughed at the source part too. But I got other sexy stuff on my mind

First and foremost I had me a horrible couple of days like bad juju shit. it started off with my sister calling me and telling me bad news and then my mother following suit and double creaming that shit and then dark cloud and rain has been my best friend and personal trainer making me […]

Home Loving. Translation he wants the other side to life, kids, wife soft fluffy slippers. My hands are rise and my womb is ready. Just FYI

HOME-LOVING Alexander Skarsgård’s star rises in the heaven of Hollywood. The Hammarby flag decorates the wall at home in Los Angeles.( Of course he does, I wouldn’t expect anything less.)  Alexander Skarsgard is more Swedish than ever after all these years in the United States. ( of course he is, I am surprised that he […]