Alexander Skarsgård CK Launch interviews.

because tis song. I just want to his body. YEP!!   HOT TOPIC: ALEXANDER SKARSGÅRD (there I corrected it) SEPTEMBER 28 2:00 PM by LAUREN LEVINSON  Photo: Getty Images You best know him for his role as the chillingly sexy vampire, Eric Northman, onHBO’s True Blood and for fronting Calvin Klein fragrance ads. The dashing Swedish actor, known for his […]

Excuse the face the situation was not the best, Even with his I am zoning you out face, He still wore the fuck out of that suit, yet again.

Oh Alex, yes I see those words escaping my lips so much more often if he was mine, in various tempo and pitch Oh Alex would be cemented in our daily lives. So look at him. Excuse the face, my face would look dire too if I was in the vicinity of a soul draining […]