I love him okay..I just do. Uggh way too much. Uggh..

This motherfucker I love him so. Way too much for self preservation. But I just can, can not love him… love him. Look at him, he is adorable and his smile the best and his dance moves gives me a whole of motivation along with a whole lot of whole lot of Uggh.

Ugg these gifs tho. does it for me boy.

So much beautiful side ass and his pant fit nicely, desirehaha the Skars twirl I love ithaha still gets me the face  love it for so many reasons.  He needs to do this in my presence. I will help him refine his moves.

I miss your stupid face.

damn your face tho

miss it I tell ya and the lips too even tho I have not tasted them yet. It is not by my will, if it was up to me I would be  biting them a little and other stuff  and all over them already. I can tell you right now it takes great will for me to not be all over them. Last time I saw them up close, I really wanted to be suction to his lower nd upper lips for a long ass time. I can tell you that I am always looking/ lusting them lips. Always!  where is the man who lips and face and body and mind (yes, that bit too can’t love the man and not his insides, brain cells even tho he should get it the fuck together already, le sigh) I am in love with. Where are you  Min kärlek?

Sadness I have it

about him

dream  good place to practice your snuggling among other things.


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