Where are you Alexander boo boo kitty Min kärlek Skarsgård? Why are you not here dammit.

pretty much Alexander Skarsgård like all the time in his mind.

Me to his face and all tis mess 3/4 of the time

Uggh where the living fuck are you and why to GOD DAMN ARE YOU NOT HERE LOCK INBETWEEN MY LEGS AND NIGHTGOWN. UUGGH!! My guess is he has been in Sweden this whole damn time since last week and “Having Swedish fun” (without me, bastard) Well good for you, you bastard. Uggh, See, you are killing my Min kärlek for you? Why are you killing Min kärlek for you? I should leave you to it, what ever it is you are about right now that does not include me next to you. I will take myself out of the picture. Carry on, carrying on because be it Sweden or he high seas at the end of the day he is NOT spending it with me and I am taking that shit fucking personally. When I start taking shit personally I find solutions to end taking it as such, I remove myself from out of your life.  This is the last week of November and the year is coming to a close. 2012 went by so fast for me and professional I stink like french blue cheese but I was awesome in other areas tho.

I have my list, yes I am one of those people that makes new years lists. My is long and challenging but it gets the blood and spirit going. Lots to do next years, lots of great collaboration, lots of support given and receiving. Lots of new people to meet, which leads me to this. As you may and may not have notice, Tis fang gurl love online thing is waning slowly but surely and  I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE WHAT SO FUCKING EVER TO CONTINUE FOLLOWING ALEXANDER SKARSGÅRD ONLINE, IN REAL LIFE AND HIS BED SURE. But online HELL TO THE NAW. I am not made for tis adoration online shit. I am a more of I need to see it, feel it and be with it person. Real life that shit is interesting and interactive. I have an active imagination and I like to use it effectively on a real person. I love Alexander but  I don’t like how he operates.   I have things to do, lots of thing next year that need my undying attention and if my attention should be derailed it should be on someone that is close and next to me, not someone where I have to google and tumblr where they are and what and who they are doing. I really don’t care about celebs that much to google their lives. I am more than entertain in real life and if I am bored I can just chat to one of my people, trust me they are entertaining enough.

Some fun facts about me. I hate being Useless or unnecessary or waste my fucking time, right now I feel like I am doing all 3 and that shit don’t sit well with me. Another fun facts. I am very straight forward I tell it like I see and let you know what is up or down with my feelings. MY INTENTIONS ARE CRYSTAL CLEAR there is no one that can ever says I didn’t know. You know, I will tell ya. There will be no uncertainties with/from me. I hate it when people are not straight forward, it causes confusion and confusion makes me angry and you might get hurt, be straight with me. I got a birthday party at my place at the beginning of December than after that the xmas lights are up and it’s fucking xmas which I don’t know where I will spend it and with whom but I will end up somewhere and with someone, no worries there. Then it’s fucking 2013 and I don’t where and with whom I am spending it but no worries I will find someone and where to do that like every year then it will be my fucking birthday. So in short I CAN NOT DO THIS ONLINE THING ANYMORE AND I WOULDN’T BE DOING IT IN 2013 like my granny says pouring water in a bucket with holes in, useless and I loathe being useless.

I need to stop feeling sorry for this bitch. I JUST CAN’T WITH HIS MESS. COME AT ME WITH STRAIGHT FORWARD AND NO GAMES.

I LOVE THESE GIFS TIS RIGHT HERE IS ALEXANDER STATE OF MIND. Hey Alexander how do you feel about?? (doesn’t matter what the question is he will kill it to death with over thinking, while the first answer was correct he has got good instinct tis one but uggh kills it to death or until it fades away or he doesn’t have to deal with it anymore.  I guess I need to fade away, or no dealing with anymore)

 ALEX: How I feel about,  let me see wait i feel, i don’t know.., i feel so many things  okay i got it . How I feel about …wait, shit it could also be like tis and then may if you, wait omg I had it for a minute there then I let it go, (then gives general answer to save face with a smile). Yes he always Had it then he left it go. Uggh I just fucking can not.

Anyways ways some happy Flashback ASkars that’s flowing on tumblr. I see that he is his happiest with his family and friends because they know him. Him, his bitter bitch moments, his sad and drunk moments and whatever else he shows them.  I don’t know but I see him maybe too clearly but hey maybe I should stop seeing him clearly and focus my narrow vision else where. Either ways thing come to an end or a beginning. That’s still up in the air but not for long.

 I like his sweater here, he should start wearing more colors. But the pants fit all in all I approve. He is a sexy mofo he knows it, I know it, that wall knows it.

smiley teeth, makes my teeth fetish flares up. Uggh his parts does it for me okay, other than he is indecisive mofo personality. I can do without, here’s to hoping he starts making good ones and get with it already. Uggh.

 AWW TIS IS SO PRECIOUS and sweet. He is gorgeous and adorable all at the same time. Mother nature and the Gods have been very good, kind to him. He is an handsome man with a charming personality which with little effort can attraction/appeal to any woman. He is one of the few that can say he has his picking of Ladies. But the being who he is, he makes himself suffer unnecessarily. See that’s why I must demand change for myself for 2013 because staring at his pics now causes me frustration i don’t like to be frustrated and I don’t like people causing me to be unnecessarily.

haha I miss your stupid pretty face.

 Stop being a fucking  tool.  You bastard.and why are you not here again? No answer is sufficient your presence tho is necessary.

As to where he is, I say Sweden but  it’s still not with me and if on the high seas still not with me so NONE of this fuckery sits well with me anyways. None of it.  Uggh why am I spending my monday wondering where he is Sweden.

if I don’t get some ABSOLUTION soon, I will just take it, damn it, meaning erase myself from this mess. Cause lawd knows  and a whole lot of  self preservation must be had even if it means Loathing the hell out of him. I started tis year dubbing myself his girl/lady. He is my guy lets see if I end the year like that but on another level.

Anyways long rant short tis blog will be no more soon enough this is an absolution the end of tis blog, what happens before and in between that is yet to be seen. Either ways since I am in control of my own path I focus on that and leave others to be in control of theirs. I will stop asking Alexander to come visit me. It’s here if you want it but it would be on the table for long. Live long and prosper I say.

I AM GONNA NEED A PIC OF WHERE HE IS? OR HE SHOULD JUST SHOW UP AT MY DOOR THAT WOULD BE GREAT! We shall see. I am still looking, watching to  see how tis plays out, I shall see shall I.

Tis is my last post for now haha.  (all is left is action, speaks louder than words. Always) I really have nothing more to say or have a desire to say anything else. I have been clear and crystal what you do with my info is left up to you. I got that Bday party plus other things to do and living life. I will be home for the holidays It’s has been windy as a motherfuck recently it’s not snowing yet,   but it will come and I’ll need a human blanket. He should come keep me warm for the holidays and for the New Years, ring in 2013 together if not well I know what to do and I will DO IT!

I am going to leave these right here for reasons, many of them.

Just because I said reasons. Some music classics.

Earth, wind and fire baby


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