Alexander Skarsgård CK Launch interviews.

because tis song. I just want to his body. YEP!!




alexander skarsgard
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You best know him for his role as the chillingly sexy vampire, Eric Northman, onHBO’s True Blood and for fronting Calvin Klein fragrance ads. The dashing Swedish actor, known for his tall stance (he’s 6 feet 4 inches) and blindingly blue eyes, attended an event for Calvin Klein Encounter cologne last night on the rooftop of the theater in NYC that houses the thrilling Sleep No More play. After sipping some bubbly, chatted with Skarsgård about those Fifty Shades of Grey rumors, playing Eric, and which city has the loveliest ladies.Name: Alexander Skarsgård
Age: 36
Provence: Los Angeles, CA
Relationship status: Presumably single
On being featured in’s Hot Topic column. “I’m very honored. That’s what I’m here celebrating tonight. That’s the only reason I’m here. I heard rumors I’d be the hot guy of the week.” (congrats, GRATTIS, he’s my hot guy for like more than 2 years now. LAWD!! WHY??!!)What it feels like to be the face of Calvin Klein Encounter cologne. “I hadn’t really done campaigns before, but I felt like if I was ever going to do it, then this is the one. Calvin Klein is such a cool, classy house. It’s got a great creative team behind it—Fabien Baron and Steven Klein. I had worked with Lara Stone before and enjoyed it. So it felt like the stars aligned. (he is taking about me right) It felt like the one. (see he is talking about me) I was excited about it. (yep def talking about awaiting my arrival)I was flattered and honored; they had never worked with a male actor on a fragrance before.”Will he play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie? “I have no idea. I haven’t read a script, and I don’t think there’s a script out there. And I haven’t read the novels, so it’s difficult to say. (dude please, just read the shitty books and stop. You want to do it don’t you. UGGHH!!, throws hands up in the air and cus I can’t with tis BULLSHIT!!) The first thing you do is read the script, (Twilight was a book and book was a script. SEE HOW THAT SHIT TURNED OUT. They wouldn’t change the shitty books because Horny housewives want that nasty piece of shit mess on screen BUT WHAT THE FUCK EVER I WOULDN’T WATCH IT. I FUCKING HATE IT. I HATE SEE AGAIN THING ABOUT IT. I FUCKING HATE IT.  I DON’T CARE IF YOU ARE IN IT. IT’S A PIECE OF SHIT. I HOPE YOU GET PAID SHIT LOADS OF MONEY. YOU WILL NEED IT FOR LATER ON UNLIKE ZOOLANDER THAT SHIT GONNA STICK WITH YOU INTO THE NEXT FUCKING LIFE. NOT ALL THAT SPARKLE IS WORTH THE STRESS. I AM OFFICALLY SIGNING OFF ON SPEAKING ABOUT TIS SHIT. FUCK IT. FUCK IT TO HELL)and then you feel if you’re good for it or not.”Is it more fun to play “good” or “bad” Eric on True Blood? “I like both, I like the combination. I like that he has both of those sides, both of those Erics within, that’s what makes him real. He is not good or bad, he is capable of both. Even thought he’s a vampire, that’s how you can relate to him. We are all good and bad.” (You need to find out what tis fucking darkness you are holding on to, find out before it takes you to somewhere you can’t crawl out of)Which city has the best-looking women? “Stockholm, Sweden. Just go, and you’ll know. And guys, as well. You’ll enjoy it.” (I have been many, many times and I did enjoy it but I have to disagree, Norwegian women are better looking and more naturally looking and they look healthier too, and yes they exercise like all the fucking time over there, they made my ass feel fat and I am NOT. But yes they are because they are more natural looking and not done up to hell. Swedish girl (NOT ALL of THEM) wear way too much fucking makeup and spray tank but they are really nice tho but they need to lay off the extra, extra shit. The dudes are hot tho. But you’re Swedish so I can’t hate on your representing your home land)


It’s five o’clock in the afternoon and Alexander Skarsgard, the face for Calvin Klein’s latest cologne, Encounter, needs a caffeinated pick-me-up. “I was a barista, so I can make a mean coffee,” the former employee of Wayne’s Coffee — Sweden’s Starbucks — says. “I like a macchiato, but I drink regular coffee. I’m not a coffee snob like that.” And even if this is the actor’s first time heading up a major fashion campaign, you may remember the current star of True Blood as a male model in Zoolander where his character met an untimely death due to causes inflicted during a freak gasoline fight. We caught up with him on Thursday to find out what it’s like to lend your name and face to Calvin Klein — and, you know, to hang out with supermodel Lara Stone while you’re at it.

ESQUIRE.COM: Do you have a favorite scent? (Me duh!)
ALEXANDER SKARSGARD: Well, I have one that’s pretty odd. I grew up in south Stockholm, and it used to be a working class neighborhood. It’s become trendy but not when I was growing up. There was this sausage factory a block away from my childhood apartment. It didn’t smell nice, like chorizo or something, it was pretty foul. Just nasty. But that smell reminds me so much of my childhood, because every morning when I was going to school I would smell that. So if I ever find myself near a sausage factory, I like it. It reminds me of my childhood. (you’re a weird fish aren’t you?? Yes, he is not necessarily a bad thing)

ESQ: Is there a scent that you hate?
AS: I don’t like those artificial air fresheners. They just smell so fake. It’s too much.(yes, true but they are needed in certain areas of your house, I need that in my toilet  especially when there are dudes around, NAH!! I can’t co sign on that completely. I can’t  take bad air, spray that motherfucking and kill that stank, other than there scented candles everywhere, I love candle light and darkness eery sexy that’s what I am into)  I know that it’s weird to say (you are weird deal with it, strange fish)  that you don’t like the smell of those but like the smell of sausage. (yes, sausage factory smell is nasty as fuck and if you are too close to the smell that shit sinks into your pores and skins and bam you smell like pork, sometimes you shouldn’t know or smell what you eat.) 

ESQ: Was the Calvin Klein label big in Sweden when you were growing up?
AS: Yeah. I mean, the Kate Moss campaign was pretty huge. I remember when that came out. I mean, she was so hot. When I was a kid, there was only two state-run channels in Sweden, and there were no commercials. Now there are hundreds of channels but we still have those state-run channels, like the BBC in England, and they’re still commercial free. You weren’t exposed to advertisements. It’s not like when you’re in Los Angeles and you see all these billboards, Sweden wasn’t like that. There was nothing. But when you took the subway, that was one of the few places you actually saw advertisements and C.K. was the big one. I remember all the kids were running around wearing Calvin Klein underwear. (those Swedish kids tho I wonder what tis kid name is umm, I can’t figure it out (yes, Swedes are into label, brand crazy too) 

ESQ: What was it like filming the Encounter campaign with Lara Stone?
AS: [Calvin Klein has] never worked with a male actor for a fragrance before so I was honored and flattered that they asked me. I dug Lara a lot — she’s really laid-back, casual, and easy-going. So when this came up and I knew [who was working] on it, and the idea behind the short film — the fact that it was going to be a short film instead of a commercial — and that it was going to be dark and cinematic and very film noir, I felt like that would be something fun to do.

ESQ: How is shooting an advertising campaign different than shooting a film?
AS: There was no dialogue, so you get to play around and create a lot of it in your head. It gave me great freedom to create a character and play around with it. The energy is interesting in a room like that because it’s very intense during the shoot; they’ll play music to help you get into a certain mood, and then it’s “cut” and you go to lunch and everyone’s just chatting.

ESQ: What’s up with your next film project What Maisie Knew?
AS: It’s based on a Henry James novel and it basically follows a custody battle where you follow this little girl, Maisie, and her parents, played by Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan, as they divorce. Julianne’s character remarries my character but she’s not really there for her daughter. She’s a fading rock star and she’s on tour a lot, so I end up taking care of her daughter a lot, and we form this relationship. It was a really special project because of this really amazing girl who plays Maisie, Onata Aprile. She’s just phenomenal. (congrats on the  European distribution that’s great!)

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Alexander Skarsgard on What He Loves about His Sexy Characters

Sep 28, 2012 @ 12:16 pm

Alexander SkarsgardCourtesy

Whether Alexander Skarsgard is portraying vampire Eric Northman on True Bloodfilming a thriller named Hidden in which he hides in bomb shelters, or perfecting his come-hither look as the face of Calvin Klein’s new men’s fragrance, Encounter, the man oozes sexiness. (tell me something I don’t know. New info please) And he knows it. (yes, tis motherfucker knows he is hot as fuck playing like he is Steve Urkel when he knows is Fabio hot Scandinavian cousin.) That’s what’s fascinating about this job,” the actor told at the New York launch of the fragrance, hosted by CK’s men’s creative director Italo Zucchelli at McKittrick Hotel’s Gallow Green rooftop garden bar. “The characters that you get to dive into are so different. You always get to explore a different side of your personality, and I learn a lot about myself that way.” (Hope you are close to finding out who you are, I could take a stab at it tho, but don’t want to disturb your process) And what he learned about himself through Calvin Klein is the power an image has to make something sexy—with no words at all. (yes, sometimes speech is not necessary eye contact, eye fucking is all you need to get by) (Something that would come in handy if he lands the part as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Greywhich many believe this campaign took inspiration from.) “As an actor you usually have to say something,” he continued, Stella Artois beer in hand (though we were hoping for some True Blood). “But this I had to come up with in my head. And I’m really happy with how it came out.” Take one look at the clip above and you’ll be happy, too! Calvin Klein’s Encounter is in stores now; find it for $72 at “I shower in it,” Skarsgard joked. (HE REALLY, REALLY WANT ME TO SNIFF AND LICK HIM DOESN’T HE. YES! OKAY THEN, CHALLENGE  ACCEPTED)


Alexander Skarsgård’s Favorite Smells Are Found Only in  Sweden ( lets see if I can change that)

Alexander Skarsgård’s Favorite Smells Are Found Only in Sweden

Last night on the roof of Manhattan’s McKittrick Hotel, Calvin Klein hosted a party in honor of steamy vampire sheriff Alexander Skarsgård, the face of the brand’s new men’s scent, Encounter. Though the fragrance hit shelves earlier this month, the brand didn’t have a chance to officially honor the Swedish actor until now owing to his busy movie-star schedule. As waiters passed pork meatballs (and a ghostly looking grandma weaved through the crowd — we guessed she was part of the Sleep No More troupe), Skarsgård took a moment to talk about his favorite smells, which are found only in Sweden, his home country.

What’s your favorite smell? (ME AGAIN DUH!)

That would be the smell of my family’s country house in southern Sweden where I spent every summer as a kid. It’s an old wooden house from the twenties that my dad’s father built. It has that moldy smell and my grandfather’s cigar lingering on the walls.

What smell reminds you most of your childhood?

There was a sausage factory where I grew up in south Stockholm. It’s a very trendy neighborhood now, but then it was working class. A block away from our apartment building there was this sausage factory, and every morning when I went to school, I would smell the sausages. And it’s not like a nice smelling chorizo, it’s a nasty, pretty foul smell.

What smell makes you the happiest? (he needs to sniff me, Encounter my scent and I will change that.)

Fall in Stockholm around this time of year is great. If you go back there in October, the air is so clean and crisp. I miss that.

Last Night In NYC, the Fly Guys were invited to a special event for the release of ENCOUNTER Calvin Klein, which was celebrated along with actor Alexander Skarsgård, the face of the brand’s advertising campaign.

The invitation-only event was hosted by Calvin Klein Collection’s Men’s Creative Director, Italo Zucchelli, at the McKittrick Hotel’s new rooftop garden bar, Gallow Green, in New York City.

Those in attendance and wardrobed by Calvin Klein Collection included Mr. Skarsgård, actresses Olivia Wilde and Nora Zehetner, as well as Bip Ling and Olivia Chantecaille.

Mr. Skarsgård’s look was designed by Mr. Zucchelli and the women’s looks were designed by Francisco Costa, the brands’ Women’s Creative Director.

Following the party, all guests were invited to experience a thrilling performance of Sleep No More – the award-winning theatrical experience that reinterprets William Shakespeare‘s Macbeth through a film noir lens. The event reflected the similar film noir style of the ENCOUNTER Calvin Klein advertising campaign.


Alexander Skarsgård Uncaps Calvin Klein Encounter

After spending two months in a bomb shelter in Vancouver eating nothing but kale salads and drinking water, Alexander Skarsgård enjoyed a cold brew at the launch party for Calvin Klein’s Encounter fragrance, hosted by Calvin Klein Collection’s Men’s creative director Italo Zucchelli Thursday night.

“I’m a beer guy,” (no shit sherlock, wait a minute let me put on my surprise face. Here I thought water was your  high)said Skarsgård, who just wrapped filming on his new movie, “Hidden.” “It was pretty intense. It was dark.”

The event, held at the atmospheric Gallow Green garden rooftop of The McKittrick Hotel, also offered partygoers the chance to participate in the similarly dark, interactive theatrical experience, “Sleep No More.”

“Tonight is the first night I will try it out,” said Skarsgård, who had yet to attend the noirish Macbeth-inspired performance despite shooting in the space for two films.

“I like mystery and questions unanswered,” he added. (lawd he just loves agony doesn’t he is. Is okay with tranquility and peace and I am starting to think no. I will have to ask him) 

Speaking about his gig as the face of Encounter, Skarsgård said, “It felt like the right one.” (well it will certainly take you places that’s for sure) (felix navidad motherfucker, oh shit wrong jingle doesn’t matter xmas is  upon us anyways, god dammit, fuck 2012 just flew pass. I have not been  useful professional  as I had hope fuck. That doesn’t please me. But I have been a superstar in other area, can’t have it all at once)

Also in attendance were Nora Zehetner, Bip Ling, Olivia Chantecaille and Olivia Wilde, who dropped by after a screening of her new movie, “Butter.” The actress proved to be something of a “Sleep No More” regular.

“It is incredible,” she said. “It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in New York.

 you know he has serial killer tendencies and Jack is first victim. But he doesn’t mind. lol at him stroking it hahaha it’s disturbing)

blue steel, done. Cheese. That’s how you do that. In Sweden at his folks place or his new house or where he practice tis.

Yes, I am combing after you. Don’t be scared it will be hot tho. Watch yourself I am sure he will enjoy it. See gif. He totally excited. Don’t hate the motivator or the one asking for it.

PPS I love it when he bust out a fake grin. It’s sinful acceptable.

But don’t pull that shit on me K.

Father of my future viking babies.

Come to me boo boo kitty.


He sounds a bit tipsy tho. So much free booze. Hope he is okay.

CK Encounter B-roll v1 MQ2 from DMS Productions on Vimeo.



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