I am still going to throw a rock at his window and sit on his stoop while eating ice cream.

So he is going to Con, cool beans changes nothing, he could still fly to Sweden be there around the 11th, grab a beer/lunch in Soder, me run into him (accidentally of course) while he going back to his apartment or while he is having lunch and then do it like they do it on […]

Seriously how can you NOT LOVE tis motherfucker. No seriously How?! Because I do. Love him, so MUCH.

Lawd tis human being I have so many feelings and most of my feels is of LOVE. I just can not, not LOVE him, look at him. So cute, sweet and adorable and not to mention fucking Handsome.  Just want to wrap him around you like a blankie. His face, I love it. It might […]

Boo boo kitty in his new tee, shoes and pants. Boo we’re gonna have to talk about dem pants tho.

Lawd your wear-age  of pants bothers me some, It doesn’t keep me up at night but it bothers me some. That pants does nothing for your ass or me. Makes you look like you have no ass and I just had an arse appreciation post with backing track and all so this is unacceptable at […]