What are you sinking about Alexander boo boo kitty Skarsgård? (insert self here)

Awww look at the father of my future viking babies (yeah that’s so going to happen, he is dragging his feet, he needs to stop and get with it already) sinking about life and it values and the people in it. I like the looking out yonder pic this was me as a kid I was often staring out at the sea until the heavens, horizon and the sea water became one. One of my favorite pass time that and looking up at the stars on my roof when it was dark and chilly outside and there was of course sitting in the tree that is no more by my mother I am still sad about that I loved that Tree. I use to sit in it and stare out into the fields. Great times. Now I walk and think or sit and stare out at the sky at night and look at the stars still one of my most favorite thing to do. I always stop and look around and above me. Preserve and appreciate the moment.

So Alexander boo boo is in deep thought on the seas, well here’s to hoping he comes to an conclusion since he seems to be avoiding coming to one and conclusion and action must be made. You know what they say about thinking, you already know the answer to the question you seek. Thinking is just confirming what you already know. What does he already know? What is his conclusion? I for one am dying to know he should come and tell me about it really soon. I am sure I will be interested in the answer.

 he is not cold, his trust is a short branch that he rarely gives out for you to hold on to and yes that does come from him being hurt. He holds on to pain for far too long tis one. Stop him from really enjoying people and things in life.

Stop being a sad man and be a Happy man.

You were meant to smile boo boo kitty.

such a lovely smile, such a broken bear, such a wholesome guy.

he should come over so I can put a smile back on that purdy face of his.

it a pretty pic in one he looks like he is in control which I guess this is how he sees his life and in the second one he looks lost. He is not really lost, he knows exactly what he wants he just keep cockblocking himself and switching his decision. Stick to the decision you have made.  Or maybe tis is an illustration of how he work things out, the really tough ones according to him. See he makes his soul and spirit much more torture than it needs.

See that’s why I always want to do tis his poor mind and soul needs comfort and kisses.

Some bare foot flashback Skars I like these he looks so sweet and innocent in these, which he is kinda sorta isn’t is. I just love him any which way. 

golden horse is that what he calls it. Sounds heavy

 that’s what’s left of our Tree so sad. But he looks adorable barefoot and gorgeous.

I miss his face and him. Hope he wears sun block and don’t end up roasted.

Cloud Atlas just because it relates.


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