Anna Paquin with her Babies. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is so precious. Then Chris and his baby girl. D.E.A.D

Okay see I can be mad as a bull in a Spanish ring but put a baby in the mix and I am soft as ice cream in the sun and here is Anna with her babies. O.M.G  seriously how sweet is that? So sweet, so precious, I am happy she is having her mama time with the tiny ones. So many tiny feet awww, babies cute as fuck, sweet as shit. I love babies okay. I am proudly one of those people.  She looks like a mama bear doesn’t she?! A fierce one too at that. I know I am a fierce mama bear. Don’t fuck with stuff that is precious to me that would mean your true death. I am very protective of those that are close to me.

Anyways here she is doing her mama thing. Lawd modern technology . She has got the two of them in that carrier, awesome, sometimes you just have to love modern civilization.

Aww man tis post deserves a whole bunch of Carebear gifs.

Anna and her babies, People and their babies always make me want to have babies even tho I don’t really want them yet. Need me a good baby daddy first. I believe in family bonding and it does take a village to rise a kid. My niece which is the oldest on our side I was on Skype with her/ my sister on Saturday  and she always comes on asking about my life and what I am doing?? Aunty tis and Aunty that. Which is not much right now but she loves to tell me about her day and what is going on with her and her  teenage life and I judge her accordingly or praise her unconditionally, I love her to bits and dust. She is a great kid, spoiled some, I blame my mom and her grandad, lazy too but she gave me the 411 on the school 112 and her daily life and we laugh and I teased and my sister laugh, she says we are a couple of meanies but she loves us and we love her, sometimes she makes it so easy but I know how much she can take, she is a sensitive virgo flower. I try to toughen her up a bit, she has to be delicate but with a hard shield to protect. She is a good kid and she is happy and she laughs a lot, (she thinks I am funny too) that’s great and the little ones too and that’s all that matters they smile and they don’t worry. Then spoke to my sister for a couple more hours, we can conversate okay, me and all my family can talk about any damn thing. I love it. I spoke to one of my be sties in the weekend too, she is coming over soon with her girls.  She has two girls. I am surrounded by females. It’s great. most times. The youngest is 2 and then some she is walking andy talking now, I always get surprise when I see the baby become the toddler the attitudes are so different and of course she is more of an handful now than when she was a baby, giving her bigger sister the woes she is. Just like her bigger sister when she was little wouldn’t let me put her down, loved being held and carried. I always get along with kids maybe because I am big one who switches to adult things in seconds but kids can be great when they are not spoiled and rotten I hate spoiled and rotten kids.  Uggh there are so many babies around right now, found out last week that one of my cousin is going to be a dad. Congrats were given of course and he is engaged also so Yayy to all of that. More tiny feet on the way.

So Anna and her babies is giving me the aww babies feelings. haha. I am very happy for her, takes loads of pics and video they grown up so fast. If its one thing I know kids are a daily reminder that you aging and will die soon. Haha but I am serious tho. I don’t care death is an absolution I am prepared for, I am more concern with living and living well and enjoying the people around.

This is some beautiful shit Anna, I am gonna need to see your babies faces tho. I bet they are fucking cute. I love Anna okay, she is my kind of chick. My circle of friend female friends are more or less like me, nice but with bitchy attitude for the right moment. I will be the nicest, sweetest person you will ever meet but don’t fuck around I will cut you down or put you in your place before you get a chance to process. Anna is Sassy one. I dig it.

Oh Jesus Chris Hemsworth and his baby are walking. Motherfucker, I am going to need you to stop it. No! Okay I am serious Stop it1 Jesus too much baby love on a Monday

 haha oh my she is the cutest little pixie thing. I am gonna call her pixie so fucking cute. cue aww care bear gif

Oh the wife is in there too and that’s really sweet and lovely to see. I totally dig it, still don’t know her name and I really don’t care. They are Lovely family. Chris Hemsworth needs to stop it tho. He wants me to fall for him doesn’t it he? Isn’t it enough that I love you as Thor!  I can’t love you as Chris… you’re married dude. But that wouldn’t stop my friend plus others. So I leave her/them to it. Love you as a dad tho precious indeed. Man and baby love uggh makes all kinds of messy feels. Random news, dreamt that Fares Fares had a baby and was pushing a pram around Soder. Yeah let that sink a bit. I like me some Fares, Fares seems like a great friend and dude and the times that I have been in his presence I get nothing but great vibrations and that means we would get along.

and he is buying new clothes, Lawd he wants me to switch teams, change countries love.  Chris Hemsworths want me to fall for him. It’s really not that difficult His shit so together right now, it’s appealing and he is younger than my boo boo kitty. Even his pal Kinnaman manwhore ways seems to have disappear and he seems a great Boyfriend. Look at that he has gain my respect.Not that he needed it. What is life without learning and evolving especially in your personally life. BTW Happy Belated Birthday Kinnabug his music taste are same as my music taste that is good to know seems like he knows how to get down too.  Points. Good we have things that can connect us. I hope he celebrated like he heard it will be the rapture. Wish My Swede would get with it and together tho especially personally. Get it together god dammit. He is giving me the Sadss, but  he obviously wants me to stop loving him tis is the conclusion I am coming to. He has yet to give me reasons not to think that. Aww well distractions, I shall view them . I love what Chris is about tho, he is a good dude and good dad and seemingly a good husband that’s great, wish his family the best of course and a lot of happiness and more babies, he needs more babies in his life and I would official quit the interwebs.

I am all sensitive right now, I am gonna need a lot of hugs and tissue. Now if you excuse me I am gonna find me a tiny human to cuddle and squeeze and fawn over and then I will FB post my niece and say I love you Moonbeam and she will give me a FB like and Love u’s too and I will glance at one of her tweens friend commentary and laugh and see one of her and face palm and my day will be set.


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