Skarszan I dig it. He can yodel in my jungle anytime.

Skarsgard swings into front of ‘Tarzan’ pack

Thesp is David Yates’ choice for Warner Bros. adaptation


“True Blood” star Alexander Skarsgard has emerged as the frontrunner to topline David Yates’ “Tarzan” movie at Warner Bros.An imposing physical presence at 6’4″, Skarsgard is Yates’ choice to play the vine-swinging hero, sources tell Variety. Skarsgard doesn’t have an offer and the studio hasn’t finalized any casting decisions for the film, which has yet to go before the studio’s greenlight committee. However, with a summer start date being planned, it is expected to be greenlit before the end of the year, as WB is high on Yates and wouldn’t tie up his schedule with a movie it has no intention of making. Warner Bros. and Skarsgard’s reps had no comment. Should Yates convince Warners brass to sign off on Skarsgard’s casting, the Swedish thesp would play John Clayton III, known around the world as the famous “ape man” Tarzan. Years after he’s re-assimilated into society, he’s asked by Queen Victoria to investigate the goings-on in the Congo. Tarzan teams with an ex-mercenary named George Washington Williams to save the Congo from a fierce warlord who controls a massive diamond mine. Samuel L. Jackson is being eyed to play Williams, a Civil War veteran eager to redeem himself for his part in the massacre of Native Americans. Yates, who has been connected to the project for several months but only officially committed last week, has had an array of up-and-coming stars to choose from, including Henry Cavill, Charlie Hunnam and Tom Hardy, all of whom topline upcoming Warners pics. Cavill and Hardy play the title characters in WB franchises “Man of Steel” and “Mad Max: Fury Road,” while Hunnam stars in Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim.” Sources say that WB execs were wary of having Cavill anchor a second franchise before “Man of Steel” even opens. Meanwhile, Hardy has been looking to take a break from four-quadrant blockbusters and tackle a smaller, more character-driven project such as Fox Searchlight’s “Animal Rescue.” Yates directed the last four entries in WB’s boffo “Harry Potter” franchise, so he has enough clout on the studio lot to get execs to sign off on his choice of a leading man. Skarsgard is an actor who the studio is keen to be in business with, starting with the low-budget thriller “Hidden,” in which he and Andrea Riseborough play parents who take refuge in a fallout shelter to avoid a dangerous outbreak. Skarsgard is also attached to star in “The Vanguard,” a Viking-themed epic written by Chris Boal that WB will produce with Atlas Entertainment. A big-screen adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ series of adventure novels, “Tarzan” is being produced by Jerry Weintraub, Alan Riche, Peter Riche and Keith Goldberg of Dark Horse Entertainment. Numerous scribes worked on the script including John August, Cormac and Marianne Wibberley and most recently, Adam Cozad. Skarsgard will next be seen in the indies “Disconnect” and “What Maisie Knew,” both of which premiered at Toronto in September. He’s repped by CAA, Principal Entla and attorney Gretchen Rush, while Jackson is repped by ICM Partners, Anonymous Content and Jackoway Tyerman. Contact Jeff Sneider at

So Alexander Skarsgård is frontrunner for getting into my panties?!  No that is not a movie but I am putting it out there (yes still) but  he is frontrunner for WB Tarzan I dig it. WB seems to have a thing for him, that’s great something me and the studio executives have in common. But my thing is bigger. Okay it’s not a competition but if it was WB wins they gets more time with him. Dammit!!  It’s not bad company to be involve with tho Alexander. Love it. But okay so there is word that he is frontrunner. If it is up to him TAKE IT ALEXANDER. IF IT’S UP TO THE STUDIO CAST HIM YOU BASTARDS. I read what it is suppose to be about and I saw Samuel L Jackson in there. So I am guessing shit is going to go down and people are going to get fucked up. I would pay to watch that. When I first heard of the idea I was like Lawd… then I was like wait a minute, it’s 2012 there is no way they’re going to do loincloths and swing across trees while he free balls his way to the river. No! That’s our Saturdays night going on Sunday morning favorite pass time when we are together and by ourselves but I finally have a reason to say ravage me you Jungle beast.(you know I didn’t need a reason write just filling out lines) That’s some Jungle fever you need to have without a cure. So much Jungle fever. I feel like I should be Tarzan yodeling but not yet I am waiting for Alexander, everyone needs a jump starter. He is mine. (that’s what I say when people say his name anyways, I have to catch my practice no.YASSSS) So anyways I digress loincloths can do that to a thirsty person anyways… see and  So what was I saying again, sexy time with Alexander now, no after that oh so I read the plot and I thought ok, when I first heard of it I didn’t hate it. I instantly thought of Peter Jackson King Kong (he is one of favorite directors man, you know why he is passionate about his films and the people in them so he ends up making GREAT movies.) So if you saw King Kong you know he has done a great job THE BEST REMAKE OF ALL TIME. THE BEST.

You know why it’s not the special effects even tho they were fucking awesome. It wasn’t the T-Rex/ Kong fight. Or you shitting me?! That was the best death match FUCKING FIGHT EVER. I would paid to see that live too even with the possibility of death. I would fork out money after I wrote my will.  But seriously so I got to thinking the reason Kong was Great was because he had some of real emotions,  he was even in love. Now that’s some Jungle white fever shit that conquers ALLL but still did you not feel his pain. His Sorrow… the new world, he went to, for her you know. He could have kill everybody. Christ if I was into beastitality  I would ship it like a cruise ship. So that being said Tarzan er Skarszan what will he be fighting for? What will his passion be… his sorrow. How will they ask me to journey with him. Unlike Kong. Tarzan is man his is real special effects won’t make it Great. But the Man will.  There has to be something. Is he going back to save his Apes? The Jungle, global warming what??? I say all 3… fuck yeah I would watch it again. So I could see it happening. I can def seeing Alexander Playing it.  King Kong is a legend I mean come on at some point in your life you knock your chest when you didn’t have a cough and go King Kong bitches. No… you didn’t stop being so sad.I know I have. Memories and I know you went some point in your life you Tarzan me, (horny er I mean  Jane) and then your best Tarzan yodel.

No?! maybe that was my Alarm waking me up from my jungle dream anyways. He can yodel in my Jungle any day..whaaaa. Me Jane, him Skarszan now I am interested in that remake in my bedroom.

That just needs to happen again. one more time because copy and paste is so easy.

I say good first big lead and it might be a Trilogy this motherfucker is on point. Go Skarszan next news I want to hear is he got it. I am guessing he does and they are negotiating how much they will put in his pot of gold since it’s fucking inter web viral now. Maybe it’s a more of when it will be filming and if he will be free. WHERE THE FUCK HIS THIS MOTHERFUCKER ANYWAYS. HE IS NOT AT MY PLACE. FUCKER!!!  HE NEEDS TO SWING OVER TO MY JUNGLE SO I CAN HELP HIM BRUSH UP ON HIS YODELING YES THAT’S WHAT I CALL IT. YODELING.  HE WAS LAST SEEN IN LONDON HE SHOULD PIT STOP AT MY PLACE I PROMISE I WOULDN’T BE TOO GENTLE.  YOU SHOULD COME VISIT ME BOO BOO SKARSZAN KITTY OMG I WOULD SO USE THAT NAME OVER AND OVER AGAIN. PPS all your pants will meet the True death and I am not even fucking Joking here. Be warn Skarspants your days are numbered. (insert evil laugh here while googling for the nearest shops he can go to buy new ones. I need him to get new ones. Prayer circle for the new ones)   Oh tis is flowing around Tumblr yes, please Skarszan needs a lot of gym time, hells yassss and oh me and my ladies (my boobies) would like to help him with his weigh training. I don’t know if they will help or distract him or cause a gym accident. But Me and the ladies are here if you need us Alexander we could just train at your house or mi there would be yodeling and sweating and and oh sweet lawd. It doesn’t matter.   But hey if he wants it. I don’t know man the year is almost over I don’t know how much of this inter web love I have in me. I love real things to touch it and caress and make out with it. I am like Pinocchio, I like real boys. What,.. I am sure that’s the title to some underground snuff film but anyways i am happy for him either ways next year there might be a lot of Skars does the gym (oh shit another underground snuff title) but if I am still behind my laptop talking about the sexy that’s a very small chance. Interweb and celeb obsession is not my cup of sugar in my ice tea. Naw man I will leave you all to it.

If Alexander doesn’t want to be my future father of my future viking babies whose names I am still googling/swedesband (husband in english) then yeah I am gonna have to stop cock blocking myself and let the universe bring in the future Mr Special in my path. I want future babies I come from a big family and when I die I would like to know I help overpopulate the world as well. Every one has motivation in life.

 no one is as sharp dress as tis,  Swag your way on Pin Swag your way on.


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