Your motherfucking face, it fucks with my concentration, part deux

Oh maah gawd seriously tho it does, like some people sniff glue and get high. I just check out pics and get well let’s just say my loins. Look at tis Bullshit. Just all kinds of  fawesome translation fucking awesome. His face.  his eyes and lips okay in that order too. God just fucks with […]

Comfy as a motherfuck “tis lamb” and no fucks was given that day. NONE.

So tis Lamb, deserves an entire post. It’s now my spirit animal. No wait maybe it’s imaginary to me being wrapped into and around him. Yeah that’s it,  there will also be no fucks of care given,  but fucks overall will be given out and served. Yeah I went there and planning to go back. […]

So he did a cross the ocean pit stop and he didn’t even stop by my place to hey hiya. Bad boo boo kitty, bad. He should come over so I can slap him on that tush.

He should have stop by and say hi.  Damn just refuse to let me have sex with him. Doesn’t  he know that he is my  sexual soulmate. All the stars align with the heavens we should get together for the good of my kind. So okay I done whining maybe next trip huh Alexander Skarsgård ( […]

Yes I am still very much into him. Translation I love him and still want to have his chirruns.

Do you still like/into him? That was the question that was proposed to me last night tis morning and that was the answer I gave and it’s true I can’t hate tis motherfucker I CAN NOT. It feels really mean and unnecessary and if there is one thing I hate it being unnecessary. So I […]

Justine Lameo is at it again. Why Wesus, is he one of the 7 signs of the Apocalypse? He has got to be. There is no other fucking explanation.

Cause  see and tis is one of the Major reason I don’t listen to Lamido no more (radio) cause of tis shit. This little punk bitch I hate to throw haterade on tis little girl but man I just have to. When did he exit the hood, which life has he been thugging somebody tell […]