Alexander must be happy that he’s all fugly and stuff for tis. Aka Disconnect still from any sense of style. The script must be stellar tho

OMG so my vain bitch will be so be showing right about now, but naw way man would I let him look like tis on a daily. (okay the shirt can stay, it kinda, sorta sexy hot, but the pants and sneaks got to GO and  Oh that jacket must die, in fire) But I am going with that the script is good and the role is meaty. But I am sure Alexander is loving the fugly look, so y’all need to stop thinking that he is just a hot face, with a yum bod and deal with the belly skars.

Looking 5 months preggers there skars. Unless they have found a way for men to bare children, let me be the only one walking around with a pregger belly just sayin’ K.

 His lips action thing is taunting me and that Lady I think it’s a bee sometimes it looks like ants tee is kinda sorta bugging me out.  His I am judging you face here with pregger belly says it all no but I don’t curr I still would hit hard and especially on a Sunday.

There it is A Skars smile, *melts*


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