Everyone looks Fabulous and Flawless in Black. Maise Cast reunion.

Yeah everyone is stylin and in black. Lets start with the little one did I say I adore her but I think she is great I saw some of her video clips and she is so fucking adorable and cute and she has grown but she is still skinny but she looks so great. She […]

Save yo self. Okay TB I will do that. I leave you all to it. Oh tis post is brought to you by Glory of Love. I love that movie man. Memories I have them

So it’s the end OF TB Sookie and Eric stroll off to a lake where the silver moon was bright and romantic and the trees dance and make sensual music while they did it repeatedly on the  wet grass until the sun came up and he didn’t fry because having sex with a a faae […]

They are so bringing tis shit over into Season 6.Okay some of it.

Yeah my granny always said if you ain’t got nothing nice to say then be quiet. Bless my granny, she was the best and the nicest but the baddest also. I was going to let sleeping dogs lie. But, but there are like 2 more episodes and Sookie. I mean Anna is Preggers and there […]

So Señor Skarsgård is making a lot of MULA!!! See, he can afford new pants. He’s just waiting for me to give some the True death is all.

 Which it totally is of course. I surmise that he has been getting Mula since his quote on quote fuck you money S3. S4. He is one of the leads and a VERY popular one I might add.  But they should pay him much more! But I am being bias here, I only watch tis/his […]

TB Episode 9 where Eric Northman was more fucking beautiful, than the story.

No seriously, god! You are fucking gorgeous sometimes it hurts my eyes. You fuel my life too and excite my loins and jump start my ovaries, you just needs to be mine already. Christ so much fuel in my life today and I surprised I haven’t over heated and die. But tis  brings me close […]