Alexander Skarsgård on set of Disconnect, the apparel still is well okay I still def would. Let do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel, get horny now, Well I am already even when he looks like this.

So he looks must happier today yayy for that, The clothes are growing on me and by growing on me meaning I would love to rip them off, so that brings me pleasure so that a good plus. Yeah, I always most definitely want to rip shit off of him, I really don’t need any reason or motivation, just be ripping shit off for no reason. Which in Alexander case is not so good cause he doesn’t have that many clothes. But he likes to be naked so there.

But lets look at the bright naked side of things, he can get new ones and go shopping, but that doesn’t stop the ripping them off, viscous cycle, viscous hot cycle.

This would probably be his reaction to hearing that I am in is trailer. Yeah, I would be kinda sorta worried too. Well he watches Discovery Channel so he knows how to handle the wild. No?! Well if not speed course in chick wants your bod dude.

This song will always replay to me wanting Askars in a primal way.

This is him stating his new girlfriend height requirement, well hello there height requirement I am just the right height to get in his face and under his padded belly. *insert horny lust here*

This motherfucker and his smile, it so very appealing. Love it! Yep i am def developing a Askars teeth feisty ugh! Something else good lawd. Just give yourself to me already. GIve I so need some of this, this weekend. For the love of hot sex need it.

I swear to Weezus that this movie character is bringing out the vain bitch in me, just all kinds of wrong. But I will detract myself by staring at your nether regions and think happy, lusty thoughts. Yeah that works much better.

Yes! Alexander don’t be surprised I am so definitely staring at your nether regions even when you sit down that doesn’t stop with the lusting on the bulge. Plus you are sitting in a chair and the things I would do you in a chair. I don’t think a pay cable network would pick it up. Hell you know what I want you in that tacky clothes, it’s great for the kinky.

Oh and stop I judging you face, Your body it makes me ready for all kinds of good stuff. I just want to sit, rock and cradle it.

Finally some skins, I would like to see more of a certain type but side arm, plus big hands will just have to do for now. Oh your book is blocking the nether region. “K” They said it’s The Good Solider, Good Solider my ass, bad solider, bad.

Okay so this is kinda sorta hot, not the face (kinda looks like is she hitting on me face, do not want) but the big hands with the wedding band it sexy. I want his hands on my face and other parts, just saying’ sweet lawd why. The Lust, the god damn LUST!!


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