Pics like tis makes me want to cuddle the shit out of him, but hey I want to cuddle plus…. with him so no surprise there.

So I don’t know what’s up or going on in these pics but I just have the strong urge to cuddle and spoon myself upon him, hell i never needed a reason so why start now. Maybe it’s a full moon, looks out window no it’s day time or maybe it’s the mom in me. (pregger belly syndrome) Any rooo I just want to give him a decent hug and let him rest his head on my boobage and fall asleep.

see   Aww boo boo kitty let me hug you and love you his lost, confused face here OMG, Let me hug you

Looking good with the wedding ring on Alexander, We should def get hitched and OH, being the movie husband never seem to go well for you does it, your movie husband character seems to love the drama chicks, just sayin’ here’s to hoping that your or when you get hitched it works out better for you.

Your I am  judging you face doesn’t scare me,  I still would do you with or without the belly with or without the lights on. Yeah just like all the time.


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