The future father of my chirrins and my future hub snug. Yeah! I ship that until the end of earth and time.

What?! I am. Shipping that has a fact.  people on tumblr and twitter be shipping shit and people. Please,  I ship my own life and him in it. What! Look at him! It’s written in the stars or in my diary. But no on a seriously serious note. My reproductive organs screams out I want to […]

Where is my Scandinavian Swedish Viking hunk Alexander Skarsgård min kärlek aka Boo boo kitty where are you? I miss your face.

Alexander! Alexander Skarsgård Where are you min kärlek, mah boo. My sun on a clear blue sky day.   still not walking in towards my direction huh Alexander ummm… I would follow him…  make your way to me Boo make your way to me.  Very Handsome man. He needs to be mine all week and on the weekends […]

The man called Alexander Skarsgård the heart of ummm….

You know there is tis saying, it’s actually a Mantra in my family you don’t know what you have until it is gone or taken away from you then you would miss/appreciate it. So in our family we don’t take for granted what we have we enjoy it and appreciate it because we don’t want […]

So my heart’s desire, mi amor, min kärlek is in Sweden. Stay there, wait there. I am coming.

Yeah okay, not there where these fan pics say you are but drift down back to Södermalm you got a couple of days and while you are at it go sit on your stoop and wait for me I’ll just place my tush next to your tush and turn and smile and say Hiya! Want to lick […]

I am still going to throw a rock at his window and sit on his stoop while eating ice cream.

So he is going to Con, cool beans changes nothing, he could still fly to Sweden be there around the 11th, grab a beer/lunch in Soder, me run into him (accidentally of course) while he going back to his apartment or while he is having lunch and then do it like they do it on […]

You better be walking around Sodermalm July 11, 2012 time unknown cause….

Lawd, you just have to be there, so I can walk into you and rub myself into you (accidental of course). UGHHH look at you. You’re like sex with feet. I would make you say my name in so many languages. Ugh just be on it lawd. But before I talk about how much I […]

Recap the sun is here translation I am a fucking happy human being. tis post is brought to you by Yayyyy!

So yeah the sun came in last week and it’s staying too and it’s been warm and there has been a large consumption of Ice cream and cocktails. Yayyy!! I soo jazz but I’ve been calling down the sun now for months and I am a sun worshipper and it getting it just worship. Yayyy! […]

The rubbing and touching of flesh needs to be happening.

It’s been an exhausting, fun 2 + weeks interesting story develop along those weeks it has something to do with Alexander bare with me I will get there, when approach and ask what’s my Situation I’d say it’s complicated. Just to take myself off the market because  No one is holding my interest,  (peaked sure, but […]

Alexander, Askars. Boo boo kitty mitten whys you not at my place yet yello!!

So I just want to take a moment and just be like. Alexander, Askars, Boo boo kitty mitten whys you not at my place yet or me at yours yello!! I know there are a list of things that’s are wrong with the world and needs some dire  sorting out  but this for me right […]

Fine ass specimen of a man even better in a suit, that so happens to be my GUY. Whaa …No boby wears a suit like he does NO BODY!!

Just fine for no GOD DAMN REASON. Other than to make me frustration as hell… Dude you just need to succumb and be mine already okay. Let’s make a live connection GOD DAMMIT!! Making my heart hurt, my soul weep and my lady bits go in a frenzy and with that point  Your lips need […]