Home Loving. Translation he wants the other side to life, kids, wife soft fluffy slippers. My hands are rise and my womb is ready. Just FYI

HOME-LOVING Alexander Skarsgård’s star rises in the heaven of Hollywood. The Hammarby flag decorates the wall at home in Los Angeles.( Of course he does, I wouldn’t expect anything less.)  Alexander Skarsgard is more Swedish than ever after all these years in the United States. ( of course he is, I am surprised that he […]

Lawd there are more videos of them. Yep need to know where he will be so I can find him and tell him he is the father of my future chirrun.

Yep, it just keeps coming and my desire to make babies with him is strong.  Gosh last weekend was def a demonstration of Alexander Skarsgård wants me to have his babies and be his fru  Skarsgård and I am cool with that. Message received now where will your ass be next week. I am going […]

So much HAND PORN YISSSSSSSS, so much sexual frustrations. SADS. The full GQ Style Spread.

For the love of my loins, the perv that was the Photographer surely has a thing for his hands. Or someone that is like minded as I am wanted tis hand porn badly because so much beautiful Alexander Skarsgård Hand porn so much. Christ, if you didn’t know I LOVES those hands of his IN […]

Seriously how can you NOT LOVE tis motherfucker. No seriously How?! Because I do. Love him, so MUCH.

Lawd tis human being I have so many feelings and most of my feels is of LOVE. I just can not, not LOVE him, look at him. So cute, sweet and adorable and not to mention fucking Handsome.  Just want to wrap him around you like a blankie. His face, I love it. It might […]

Dad is one of my best friends, awww sweet. Alexander Skarsgård interview.

Gosh for some reason I thought I posted tis already, obviously NOT but here it is Boo boo and his words of… It’s a different tone interview. It’s intriguing none the less lets say. Alexander Skarsgård: “Dad is one of my best friends” By covermg.com | Cover Media – Tue, Jun 12, 2012 8:30 AM PHT View PhotoAlexander Skarsgård View […]

A++ for this lady journalist, she got his description spot on… skarsgard-gets-his-teeth-into-roles I could think of some where his teeth could be … and oh he is totally the Swedish Shaft, you damn right

I am totally staring at the passion in his pants and boy does he have passion in his pants… Alexander Skarsgard must have a dark side. He’s drawn to characters who emanate a silky menace: not only his most famous role, the 1,000-year-old vampire Eric Northman on the HBO series True Blood; but also a violent […]

This motherfucker is talking about fucking again and being bored. Well hello there I don’t need boredom to fuck you Okay. I just need you and ding ding I am on it, let’s do this. Aka Out

Good interview is great, I am liking his interviews of late they are funny and insightful. Lots of LOL moments. I love him so hard right about now. Just Love him so hard. Photography by Matthew Kristall FEATURE STORIESAlexander Skarsgård vs. Jonas ÅkerlundThe star of True Blood and Lars Von Trier’s upcoming Melancholia talks with the filmmaker about the Swedish […]

I love your face, you’re fucking handsome I don’t care what you say, you are a Beautiful Bitch. Let me love you alright! I am so fucking screwed. Emotional & physical. Part deux God fucking dammit

So my last post was about his face and how I love it and he should shut up about people can’t getting pass his face bla bla bla, How can I? Have you seen it.  5 times motherfucker 5 times motherfucker while I am at it, Kiki shut up too.  He  is OMG hot awkward […]

This sadistic Motherfucker. Lets have a whole bunch of kids, sex and grow old together god dammit. AKA Alexander Skarsgård new interview.

Awww, this bitch I am so falling for his sadistic fuckery, it’s ridiculous I am enjoying his interviews these days and his attitude. There are so much about him that intrigues me and I find it intriguing that I am so intrigued by him. (maybe he is a fucking real vampire and he does know […]