So my heart’s desire, mi amor, min kärlek is in Sweden. Stay there, wait there. I am coming.

Yeah okay, not there where these fan pics say you are but drift down back to Södermalm you got a couple of days and while you are at it go sit on your stoop and wait for me I’ll just place my tush next to your tush and turn and smile and say Hiya! Want to lick […]

Seriously your fineness in vamp makeup. Ugh must repeat mantra louder. I MUST HAVE YOUUUU!!!

Okay so I refuse to let you not be mine. I must have you. That is all. I am convince in this. (when I am convince well) Tis pose tho looks familiar, I have seen tis somewhere before. (laughs to self in amusement) Stop staring into my soul unless you are ravishing the body. Just […]

Untainted Pleasure that is your face in the Daytime. I LOVE IT.

Sweet DESIRE Alexander,  I love your cardi it,  you looks so comfy and I want to snuggle WITH YOU (tis cardi tho encourages tis, snuggling should be happening Alexander, Ugh now I am kinda sad, dammit) did I mention that it’s fucking cold here and I am basically sick of the winter. It’s sucking really hard, […]

For the Love of God see I NEED him in my life like. I NOT only want but I NEED Alexander Skarsgård yeah, for the love of GAWD!!

So yeah, look at him (I am) look at him wearing fitted pants and Sun kissed and hot and me dying, he looks amazeballs. I think I have seen all different variations of Askars and I got to say I would take him either which ways then I would ripped off all his clothes during passionate […]

Why you still not at my place Alexander and even better still why are we not doing it like they do it on Discovery Channel. Oh this post is brought to you by WHY?!

So I don’t know if I should be happy or sad let’s say it’s a mixture of both. Cause you know I am no good at this fan gurl thing, been fan gurling for a while now and it still surprises me that I am still here, either ways. You’re like MIA cool, maybe you […]

So I’ve been thinking about having the sex with Alexander Skarsgård all week… no biggie that’s just how I am rolling these days.. then there was this beardy sucker. UGH! My vagina.

So Alexander Skarsgård didn’t come (pun intended always and forever until I actually have my naughty saucy vixen ways with him) spend his free time with me. Sexy time Sadness. I kinda sorta mad but hey when he looks this all sexy and divine I can’t think straight and my vagina takes over control of […]