The many awesome cute face of Alexander Skarsgård. DP/30 @TIFF 2012: What Maisie Knew

I liked the interview. Tack! Alexander for telling what I knew. He is an over analyzer in all aspect of his life.  I am surprise he doesn’t have panic attacks.

 me too haha that his there goes my cool and street cred. I love it. I think he is a hoot. awww, he is blushing. You can never live that down, it will you and even at the burn of your body in a long ship Old school Viking there will be flashbacks to this. Like Exsqueeze me. haha he is cute as hell here.

 Lawd jesus his hands. They are dso pretty and big and strong but I have touch them and they are soft. They need to trace the curves of my body and feel up my face and slide under my blouse. BEAUTIFUL HANDS AND LOVELY FINGERS.

I love his little Sas thing that he does with his neck. I am sure he could Oh no didn’t. Snap fingers and swing neck . I love him so much. Christ.

 so adorable and cute. LOVE LOVE HIS SMILE>

haha tis has everything doesn’t it, eyes popping and lip licking and fingers.

 tis motherfucker with the faces and smile.

 Really! Long or short labour??

hahah I totally went to place seeing tis.all I see is smile and fingers i love all his bites and I am sure he has a great sense of humor and I totally dig that.I adore the fuck out of him,.

 haha, He was fucking good looking as Geert wasn’t he? She made my Lesbo flare up. I would hit until sun down. But sorry boo boo my stuff wouldn’t fit you. Since you are Giant and I am well you know. But I would wear his shit even if they are fall off my ass which would most likely happen. Please I would wear all his old tore up tees and briefs.

The Father of my future viking babiesand he is totally down with it, so there you haves it. His Hands lawd.


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