The Launch of Alexander Skarsgård = CK Encounter Launch Partay.

Yes, yes, his star is catapulting into the far horizon, He is def going further. He asked for it and it coming his way.  Keep your head and senses about you Boo. I believe he is smart enough but in that kind of wonderland it only takes one fake, false bad move. He is a SUPERSTAR IN MY EYES ANYWAYS.  I am very proud of him. Beside the look of don’t blink man

 he looks great and I love the suit and I love that he has the neck porn going. Any flesh I see is temptation for me to lick my laptop screen which is some case is not the best of ideas since there is stuff on it. Which I don’t want to taste to find out.

 conversating with movers and shakers.  Go on with your getting it together self.

 the scruff is def making a come back and so are my loins and extreme want to well.. and his hands lawd. Jesus. Just place it all over me  ALREADY!!Tack.

haha her face and his suit. I like the green that about it for the dress. I don’t know what’s going on with it. But the color is glorious.

 haha Kenneth, he is always smiling and he has the best smile too and he is not looking too bad in that shirt Jack.

there is so much awesome in this pic that I just can’t just choose one. But Jack face tho. hahaha, OMG and Alex’s hands. Mother of my loins.  Alexander is looking amazing maybe it’s my thirst for him making him super appealing not that he isn’t. But lawd my thirst for him is… Why am I not there again, yeah he didn’t invite me over or in. He doesn’t want my hands all over him in public and private, why tho? I am sure he would love my caress and kisses.  Bastard! Invite me in.

 his face tho, I bet she ask him to smell her finger and he was like heffa NAH. I don’t know you like that. I wouldn’t either I don’t know where she or it was or been.

 why is boo boo kitty standing on train tracks. Where is the trains. Could someone put him on it and send him my way. I will make him mine. I WILL. SEDUCE THE SHIT OUT OF HIM. HE WANTS ME TO WHIP OUT MY BAG OF TRICKS.



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