Roma here they come. Tis should be fun/ sexy and interesting. Bella Notte.

So these two ae going to Italy. Rome the city of passion.

Tis shall be interesting and funny. So at least I know where he will be next week.

 haha, Kristen is like the only woman in his life that is NOT his sister that can get away with tis without scandal and she voices her feels and her love for him without it be taken to a dark place. I love that they are such good friends tho. But I love what Kristen as a person is all about so there is that.

 I love tis, she laughs and cries so much and I guess sometimes all at the same time. I love tis motherfucker so much and I adore her. I sure it will be a hoot in ROME.

 haha fuck she is my spirit animal as always. Because tis is pretty much me all over him and posing for life in real life with him. Tack Kristen. His hands tho. Fuck, need them to pull me in closer.

How did Africa go, hope it went well. Looking forward to reading/ hearing about it.

 sassy, sexy fine motherfucker. Rome is indeed the best place to get in passion summin summin with him.

like the Lady and the Tramp. It would be Lady and the Swede.

Bella Notte.

 you know how I feel about balls. (meatballs) lol but seriously tho

His spagetti meatballs in Rome. Yummy delicious 

but here is the thing tho, do you end up saying Grazie! Or Tack! Or Tack Grazie! when in Rome.

because it is still doing it and control my mood and days.

and I would have so much sex with him I would be fluent in Swedish in 3 months. Why, he be speaking in his mother language so loud and often I would pick it up so fast. He would of course be the best teacher.

 yes fluent in Swedish and the art of Askars sexing. Just saying.


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