Alexander Skarsgård being an MVP in HW Emmy weekend. Good for him.

So while gossips circles around him like vultures on dead carcass. He is visual stating that he is doing his thing and being that important. I see you and your game and I am liking it.

Handle your business boo boo kitty aka Father of my future viking babies. While I know he is not a Saint, he ain’t doing bad for himself. I am happy for him and he looks happy while doing it too.

Hey if he is happy I am Happy. I wish him nothing but happiness and success in all corners of his life.

 He looks amazeballs and he is smiling. I love his smile. Simple things in life always means a great deal.

He looks GREAT!!

 HE IS JUST LA LA LAING DOWN THE STREET ISN’T HE. JOLLY ASS MOTHERFUCKER. He looks funky fresh and ready for me (you know I was not going to say you)

 then the next night he went on major networking. He is  baller. Motherfucking boss going heavy weight. I am sure that girl and him are doing it too obviously and she looks super excited of course. There is no way she is just standing there minding her own business. No fucking way.

 fine ass motherfucker. Why are you so hawt?? He is gorgeous. I bet that mic was involved in Alexander sexual video on demand weekend with whom ever was standing on the side walk. Of course and Of course I am dead serious about tis because  of course I follow douche and you know I am serious because I used a lot of of course in this. Of course.

 then he went to the HBO thing where of course he was hitting on everyone and secretly hiding his long time GF. Of course. Not that he was being a major MVP and balling through the award weekend and setting up bricks to build a steady house, god no, that makes no sense what so ever he went there for the variation  of hoohie coochie.

 he looks great I would make out with him in public and in private let him try and deny me or my lips.

  then someone told him there is no more beer. I don’t know he looks kinda sad here for someone with a GF (rolls eyes until they fall out of socket)  he looks alone.

 I hope I get a smile like tis along with a warm embrace, when I see him again. Hopeful tis will be from his own free will or I may have to ruff him up to get it . I don’t really want to ruff him up (okay maybe in a sensual way) I believe in free will.

I don’t know what brother man is trying to achieve here with the face. But my face will not look like tis, you probably wouldn’t see my face because it would be planted on his lips. Just stating in the future facts here.

So according to source fandom: He is in New York. See he is a baller, Is he still in NYC why is he is NYC. Anyways I guess I will read about it soon.


 So tis chick was just photo bombing a lot of pics huh?! Well if Alexander is there I would squeeze into everyone shot too. He doesn’t seem so chipper as he did last weekend. What went wrong. Why so gloom Swede?? Maybe he is missing pork. (pork knuckle man, no that’s not what I call it either, okay maybe not yet)

 I don’t know what’s going on at tis thing but there are a lot of strange people in one place. But it’s art right. It’s suppose to be strange. But tis dude is either asleep or exhausted from wearing so many Chains. Personally he could add one more to balance it out.

So he is handling his life like a motherfucking boss and it’s hot as fuck and I respect it very much and he needs to make me his woman so I can just well I am sure he knows.

But on a fang url/baby mother (he is the father of my future viking babies) woman in his life/main squeeze. I can see why/ what’s going on. He has appeal. He is a gorgeous man and he is tall and sexy as a motherfuck. Since he lives in the lands of labels and HW men loves women.  Isn’t that apart of the reason why some want to be famous the money and the cooch just stating facts here. They have to label him, and since he attracts the desire and affection of males and females. Why not may him into a man whore/player he is too hawt and single to not be doing it and with everyone isn’t he. I guess that is the give away.

 he should have multiples wives and hundreds of children and a village call Asgård. Why the hell not. HW/ stans want him that way. I personally don’t see him as that. I see a nice, sweet, kind man who is looking for more value to life than is on the surface and that goes for love and money. But then again it doesn’t matter how they or I see Alexander Skarsgård it’s how Alexander sees Alexander Skarsgård and what legacy he wants to leave behind. I am just a viewer in all of tis. As I stated I have my ideas and perception of the man. Would love to have a chat among other things with him. But he has to invite me in/over to the next level/step.

but still I just going to put tis here too as well because you know.

Bitches ain’t shit and they ain’t sayin’ nothing

A hundred motherfuckers can’t tell me nothing

I beez in the trap, bee beez in the trap
I beez in the trap, bee beez in the trap

Anyways I will use my eyes and instinct and go after that . Tack! He is a gorgeous man and I love him. I do. no surprise.

  Min kärlek, his hands jesus could he place them on me already. my body is more than ready and waiting. Ugh he looks so good I hate not being there behind him and on him and my hands under his shirt. lawd knows my hands would see the light of day often because it will be too busy find bites of him to touch and caress. 

He does it for me on so many levels. We need to be doing it constantly like it was our new religion.

Because for no other reason than I find tis hot as hell.

 yes issues I have them when it comes to him.


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