According to sources. I know I laughed at the source part too. But I got other sexy stuff on my mind

First and foremost I had me a horrible couple of days like bad juju shit. it started off with my sister calling me and telling me bad news and then my mother following suit and double creaming that shit and then dark cloud and rain has been my best friend and personal trainer making me sour. Last night kinda top that shit off to bad ending too. So I have more than enough reasons to be a sour, ranting asshole but I am not going to be. Not today.

But I am a even Steven motherfucker, as much as I had the horrid luck of last week, shit always fair out for me, so good news is on the way. Balance and all that, life always have a way of evening out. But it’s has been a while since I had such fucking bad luck in a row and consistent. But hey we will see how next week fairs out. The bad Juju is fading, it comes in 3 and I got it in 4 so I am sure it’s done now.

Anyways, been out of the game for a bit and of course to no surprise there are news. I swear how do some people get paid for tis bullshit. So much asinine  shit that gets reports with no support or legs but still get printed.

I would say poor Alexander but I yet to find a man that finds a problem being linked with numerous females it does wonders for a male ego doesn’t it. If you go by history alone. Kings and Chieftains had multiple wives and concubines so Men liked to have more than one, it may not be so for all males but I know dudes that think that shit should be normal everyday life. But what ever.

But tis bit about Olivia is beyond disgust I mean she is with his friend but what ever according to gossip Legend she doesn’t have the best of reps but who does in HW if you follow the stories. I have my feels about her and him but hey they seem happy together and Joel is doing I am love my girl bit so yeah he is totally into her what ever that means in HW terms. I don’t follow Joel so What I pick up is grains. I can’t focus on their shit. But Joel needs to stop dressing like Alexander because I see pics of him (exhibit 1)sometimes and I have to double take and realized that it is not Alexander but hey. Roles model I guess everybody needs ones.

Then there are trolls about  him and is co star shit/ being under cover couple like christ if he and her are a indeed a thing then he is fucking a douche and she is fucking stupid, fuck dickmatized. I don’t care how sweet it is hell nah, don’t hide me like I am an unknown virus. But hey if you’re indeed a  fool if a man is hiding you from the world for so long and why would he tho? Then yeah they deserve each other. Douche and stupid match made in heaven. But as I said either someone/people want to give out this idea that Alexander  is the worst things since Ikea how to assemble furniture then yeah. I still don’t think that he is if I wouldn’t be here and single.

I am not on Nicki  Minaj shit much because the chick be cray, cray and I just can’t on her over induced shit most times  but the first line from Beez in the trap  pretty much sums my feels about stanss/trolls/gossips rags at tis point and time. I have my ideas and perceptions about him and it will stay like that until proven otherwise or I find me a BF and move on.

Bitches ain’t shit and they ain’t sayin’ nothing

A hundred motherfuckers can’t tell me nothing

I beez in the trap, bee beez in the trap
I beez in the trap, bee beez in the trap

I have said before I don’t like the way he is portray in the press qua relationship it is not good but hey. Alexander Skarsgård I am NOT. Anyways I have a lot to say but if I start ranting I’ll be here for days. Since There are things keeping me afloat and happy. Like hanging with my essentials, one in particular that brings the sun shine in my life without fail and music.

Speaking of music for the love of my loins so much sexy love songs in my life right now. It’s not like I seek the shit out as stated single shouldn’t be listening to the sexy sensual things. But still there are like three that keeps getting me going and then there are pics of him out there looking fine as fuck and yeah it just keep the want/ thirst alive.

he is fucking fine isn’t he??

 I don’t need you to answer that, he is.

My desire for him is super glue strong. Ugh, so much want so the first song on my constant replay is.

It is time to make him mine isn’t it??

I am not asking you. I am just stating facts.

Speaking of making mine the things on my Alexander to do list has a lot of sensual songs involved and since tis is doing it for me.

He needs to hold me tightly like that beer. His hands Jesus ugh, I need it all around me.

But you know what is really doing it for me, putting me to sleep, tis. I have been singing to it, adjusting my body to it’s groove. It is doing it for me on so many levels of excitement. I swear tis plays and visual simulation is ON.

 Nice and slow kiss. Yes tis gif is like Star trek opening line to

Space, the final frontier....
These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise.Her five year mission: to explore strange new worlds.
To seek out new life and new civilizations.  To boldly go where no man has gone before.

But lets adjust that shall we, because tis song is giving me ideas lawd. 

Alexander Skarsgård the sensual frontier
My mission: to explore his body

to seek out new arousal and sensual seduction to boldly go where a lot of women have not gone before and dominate/ own it.

The lyrics tho. Moister on both our houses. I would be the best he ever had. Hey some of us know our talents and what we are good at and I am very aware of capabilities and strength.

Just because tis song is doing it for me more than you know or I can state, it plays and I just have to sing and dance along, it’s owing me. So I am going to post the actually video again.

Ain’t this what you came for? (I am sure it is)
Don’t you wish you came, oh
Girl what you’re playing for? ay
Come on, come on let me kiss that
Ooh, I know you miss that
What’s wrong, let me fix that
Twist that

Baby, tonight’s the night I let you know (it will be)
Baby, tonight’s the night we lose control (for sure)
Baby, tonight you need that, tonight believe that
Tonight I’ll be the best you ever had (Truth)

(I don’t wanna brag, but I’ll be
The best you ever had) {x2}

I hit you with the best throw,
Freestyle and the breast stroke
Til you blowing cigarette smoke
And now the bad’s gone
So what we gon’ do now
F-ck it, round two now (then round 3, 4, 5,6 and pass out)
Work it out, then we cool down
Cool down

Baby, tonight’s the night I let you know
Baby, tonight’s the night we lose control
Baby, tonight you need that, tonight believe that
Tonight I’ll be the best you ever had

(I don’t wanna brag, but I’ll be
The best you ever had) {x2}

Luda, Listen
You aint even gotta text me
Knowing me and you got that mental telepathy
Me be up at the spot, I’ll be sending over the chauffeur
Rich nigga bread, stay popping like a toaster
Nobody come close to me and you together
Step under my umbrella, we’ll make it through any weather
Except when I make it storm, sex in the greatest form
And hibernate under my body
Yep I keep it warmer than a chinchilla
She know I beat it up like the thriller in Manila
Flying my private jet to villas in Anguilla
Than throw you on a grill
Cause seven days a week you’re my 5 course meal

Baby, tonight’s the night I let you know
Baby, tonight’s the night we lose control
Baby, tonight you need that, tonight believe that
Tonight I’ll be the best you ever had

(I don’t wanna brag, but I’ll be
The best you ever had) {x2}

 in my world tis is reverse he be taking it off not putting it on.

 sexy motherfucker.


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