Seriously you need to come find me so we can root and make the babies and grown older together. Yeah that’s all I got right now. LIKE NOW ALREADY! Oh their EW interview.

Yeah, for the love of. Why am I even here typing tis post, I should be with him saying okay how about next spring and how many do you want? Lets see how much we can get out of me and without me ending up looking like a tractor at the dump. Having the babies is hard work man and a lot of care and a lot of love need to be invested and we both have to be in tis together making babies shouldn’t be a hobby or something you do just because you have a working womb. It’s a lot emotional and physical and we both should be ready for it.

Personal I am ready, he seems to be ready (sweet baby jesus make the babies with me) so we need to get on some getting to know each other and 1 year later let nature does what it does best, make a baby. He is def wanting the family and kids. He is rooting and he wants the family now. Boo Boo kitty just look or come visit me we can talk about while you know. I NEED TO FIND HIM.

Toronto Film Festival: ‘What Maisie Knew’ 7-year-old Onata Aprile, and costar Alexander Skarsgard, on being 7, ‘weird’ fame


When you’re a 7-year-old actress in a movie with A-list actors and actresses, what’s captures your attention most on a day off? A white balloon. (are you kidding me if she was 4 she would be chasing air, or fluff or in your face asking you what you are doing every 15 sec. She is a child that’s what they do small simple things keep them going, which is great)

Onata Aprile, the big-eyed, incredibly cute, pixie-sized girl who stars as Maisie in What Maisie Knew, a sad, nuanced story about parental disregard directed by Bee Season filmmakersScott McGehee and David Siegel that just premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, had the time of her life chasing one around while doing press in Toronto for the film. She skipped around in little black boots and an A-line Perskickety long-sleeved dress, rubbed the balloon on the heads of journalists (including this EW one), as well as her costarAlexander Skarsgard, and shrieked with laughter like a mini hyena. (haha that’s funny)

“I liked hanging on his arm!” (well look at that I would love that too)  yelled Aprile about filming with Skarsgard, who plays her goofy, caring bartender stepdad, the new husband of Maisie’s selfish, rocker mom, played byJulianne Moore. “He’s a human jungle gym!” (stop giving me ideas Jelly beans I already have a list)

Based on the Henry James novel, What Maisie Knew also stars Steve Coogan as Maisie’s funny British dad, equally as negligent as her mom. Aprile, who spent seven weeks filming the role, plays Maisie with deeply quiet, heart-wrenching concern, opposite of the grinning kid in real life running around who loves Junie B. Jones books, is starting second grade, and says Moore’s character was “really yell-y!” (haha kids)

“I want to be in movies, but I don’t know what they’re going to be,”(she also wants to be a model, firefighter an astronaut etc etc) said Aprile, in her little voice, throwing her balloon into the air, her mom standing close by. “She helps me learn my lines. She says them her way, and then I say them mine!” (of course)

Lanky, slim Swedish True Blood heartthrob Skarsgard, in town at Toronto taking a quick break spending the past two months in a fallout shelter filming the intense Warner Bros. movie Hidden, and being “emaciated,” losing 16 pounds for it, (poor baby come to me I’ll help you get back into shape and feed you, both your body and your soul and round that figure back up to 20lbs)  he said, laughed easily with Aprile, who jumped and sang around him.

“I adore Onata. Even though I’m physically exhausted, I’m just so thrilled to be here,” (I am glad you went)  said Skarsgard. “The whole thought of maybe not being here with her broke my heart. (dude, that’s my feels every day about you and me not in the same biosphere, plus I already love you stop! You’re squeezing my heart here) I hadn’t seen the movie before the premiere, and neither did she. To see it with her was amazing.(stop, he’s trying to kill me) I love her, (I Love you) love working with her.” (lets make the babies boo boo)

Skarsgard remembered starring in his own first role, when he was 7, Aprile’s age, and what it’s like being a child actor. He worked from age 7 to 13, and then took a break. Fame, Skarsgard said, “is f—king weird, (TRUTH) and especially when you’re 13, and you have no idea what’s going on, and who you are. There’s nothing natural about being a celebrity. (AMEN where is the choir) When I was that age, it made me paranoid. I didn’t like it at all.” As for Aprile, just starting out her career, Skarsgard said, she was a talented natural. Not to mention loving balloons.

“She’s so sensitive, and real. (she is a child, can’t get any more un touch than that, they can be painfully truthful) I work for months, and I think about my character, I analyze everything. (no surprise there, I do like that about him tho) Then you show up on set, and she’s a million times better than I am. I’m like, ‘Come on!! This is not fair!’” said Skarsgard, smiling. “You work so hard, trying to sound and be natural, and she shows up and it’s not at all false. It’s all spot-on and real. She wasn’t aware of the camera. She couldn’t care less. When I got over the fact that this [then] 6-year-old girl was so much better than me, it was so great, because that’s what acting is, when you get so much from someone.”

Skarsgard grew up with five younger siblings, and his actor dad Stellan has a 10-day-old baby, the second child with his second wife, Skarsgard said. He lived with about 35 cousins (35 lawd I tho I had people but okay I didn’t count everyone if I did it would probably be more yeah, our family alone would be a huge ass guest list) in his south Stockholm neighborhood growing up, plus a grandmother, uncles, aunts. (aww we’re kinda have similar past okay in family, warms my heart tho)

He knows how to get along with kids. (no shit sherlock)

“A normal Tuesday night dinner would be 15 people. (15 people christ now I have to count, wait there is and then oh shit it could be but not on a tuesday maybe weekends or holidays) It was social, very loud. (yes, I can relate very loud  and a whole bunch of people talking at the same time, funny I could tell my sisters and brothers just by their tones and you could jump in to one to the other without losing anything, it was chaotic but I got no other reference)  That’s how I grew up, (I can relate)  what I’m comfortable with,” (great so it wouldn’t be a shock to his life when he meets my people, because we are also a lot and loud so we are prefect for each other or family background wise) said Skarsgard. “I’m on my own now,(no you are not YOU GOT ME, well he does, well that is if he wants me) a home, (lets fill it with babies,) and it’s weird being alone.” (that’s because I am not there yet, it will be alright soon tho.)

As for being a stepdad in What Maise Knew, Skarsgard said it was truly a welcome challenge, along with breaking out of his sweaty, lusty vampire mode on True Blood.

“There’s got to be something interesting, a discovery, in roles. If there’s no exploration, then what’s the point?” asked Skarsgard. “Especially on a show like True Blood, there’s so much attention. It’s easy for you to become that character. Many scripts sent my way are similar. That’s why I don’t play a different version of Eric Northman every year. I do that seven months out of the year. When I have a hiatus, I want to do films like this, that are different, where I learn something.”

Well I know I learn something, you want the family and babies and I am willing to give that to you, I am a selfless person I am all about giving back.

he totally said this and I totally am dead now.

“I adore Onata. Even though I’m physically exhausted, I’m just so thrilled to be here. The whole thought of maybe not being here with her broke my heart. I hadn’t seen the movie before the premiere, and neither did she. To see it with her was amazing. I love her, love working with her.”
(did you read that, he wants me dead or he wants my womb to explode either ways what I want from him is to find me so we can do tis making the family and grow older and stuff)


Alexander Skarsgard on his tiny co-star Onata Aprile.


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