Lawd there are more videos of them. Yep need to know where he will be so I can find him and tell him he is the father of my future chirrun.

Yep, it just keeps coming and my desire to make babies with him is strong.  Gosh last weekend was def a demonstration of Alexander Skarsgård wants me to have his babies and be his fru  Skarsgård and I am cool with that. Message received now where will your ass be next week. I am going to need to see travel plans.

OMG Onata is so cute and adorable and she is still a child, I know that sounds weird, but we live in a world where kids are pimped out so much that they are more adults than children I can’t stand it. I am all for a kid acting if they WANT to not that THEIR parents are living through them. But she still seems very much a child and totally unaware of the excitement that is around, good. It should be like that she should be busy messing the entire time with her cuff like omg they are detachable.. brilliant. I swear I have seen kids having the time of their lives chasing bubbles. Like today a little kid that I know just turned five and she got presents and one of them were shoes that lights up she could walk into a car and die happy because all she cared about was their were lights on her shoes that light up when she moves. I never get when parents get their kids fancy stuff they don’t need much other that clean things which will be dirty as soon as your back is turned. Kids don’t know brands or want them. plus they grow them out so fast not really economical is it. Their parents are the ones that trained them to want/like it. Give a real kid a string, rope and some mud they will be busy for days and dirty as sin.

Anyways I find her heavenly, so oblivious and child like and in her own world it’s great wish her success and hope she can still keep some child like innocence until she change that and become a teen where all hell breaks loose.

As for Alexander. BABIES LETS HAVE THEM  FIND ME/OR ME FIND YOU AND LETS DO TIS MAKING A LIFE TOGETHER ALREADY. (yes, yes i have said it like a million times already but 1 million and 12 can never hurt)

 haha they are adorable and she is so polite. Love them so much. Okay one more than the other.  But she is the sweetest little thing.

 see she is so sweet, she’s not scripted or coach it refreshing to watch. He is def at the best bonus but he does it for me so fucking bad.  So much want.

  hahaha, The best co star and chemistry he ever had EVER!! Of course it can only get better from here.

 See she is still a child. No idea because  an grown up woman (yes me) would bite his finger or lick it,  such a nice finger. What if he puts it in my face dude stuff will happen to it good stuff too. Just sayin. But seriously he him and her OMG dying. Good save Jelly beans. Good save. She so cute tho and he is so hawt. THAT’S IT I AM GOING TO SWEDEN NEXT WEEK BUT HE IS NOT THERE. MAYBE HE WILL BE WAITING WITH GUDRUN FOR ME TO SAY HEY!

 SEE, SEE in his past life he was indeed a mime maybe a French one name Jacques Marceau.  It’s so endearing to watch. He needs balance. I would lol because it’s funny in a cute way, like look at him then I be like okay boo boo, you got tis now stop tormenting your soul. You would think by now he kinda has it figured out, well he does but then he runs over it again and fucks it up. It’s a viscous process. He is getting better at trusting his inner self tho. Beautiful human being and all that.

 He is/has such a good soul. Do you see it? It’s magnificent, he beams. He has excellent Aura. He kinda has tis child like spirit. I wouldn’t say pure but not far from it. He is so sweet, nice and kind.All you want to do is love him. Sometimes I am surprised that he is in acting considering it is the most soul wreck profession there is, the fuck up glory involved/behind if you are not a strong human being it can destroy you. Check any celeb that has made it or trying to  and look at their stories. Most times it destroy souls that help it. He still has tis light about in for 36 year old man it. Maybe that why he is on screen to show that, light, sweet, fragility. It’s beautiful.

just because these are floating on tumblr and I love flashback Askars so here you go

 I have tis kinda pose, I did it tis week it’s oddly similar but anyways his eyes, such sad beautiful eyes. His eyes are beautiful I swear, they speak. His best assets.

 he is asking for it and you know what it is and he is laying on grass that all I need as an invite. I am coming boo boo kitty would be stellar if you send me a message or clues as to where you might be next week so I can look you up and find out what size pants you wear now. Yes that does mean I have to unbuckle his pants for scientific fashion purposes of course.


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