He wants me to go out and find him and make him mine and on paper, along with making the babies. Fine! I am NOT fighting it Alexander. I am NOT

Yeah cause tis pic is def saying. AS: Baby book a flight and find me and come be with me. AS: (whispers) Have my babies. my womb: totally ready for tis. Totally!

Min kärlekSweeet jesus Ugh. WANT!!

look at tis sinfully hot delicious Swedish motherfucker with the scruffy and hotness and the hands. Ugh my loins.

Is it just me (probably is) but it’s like he communicating a lot with the eyes, so much desire and want in them. Ugh it’s fucking with my concentration and my life. Be mine dammit. I wouldn’t ask you again. Okay in person sure. But seriously its like it saying find me, come to me. make Babies with me. I am like yes, yes, when and where. I found out his Hidden is schedule to end on 17. If tis is true will he still be in Vancouver or will he go home to Sweden to eat some much needed pork. (knuckle pork, it’s fatty, he needs that mind out of gutter and no I don’t call it that, okay may be I would) anyways so will he roll out with Gudrun go out and eat and visit Sweden I am tempted to book a flight and search him out and ask him for a hug that I wouldn’t release him from  (kinda like tis girl LMFAO, there she is again, man she is living my dream, hopefully he would be hugging me back, hard and his face will look happy and his chest will smell like I don’t know heaven and he would ask me over or to where he resides and he would have to carry me there because being I just want him to but I probably walk because he is underweight and I don’t want him to die) and a kiss on his cheek that would very nearly be so close to his lips it might be a kiss.

Lawd being a fang url, but he does call out my creeper, Stalker out of me. Why dude must you be you. WANT.

 Lawd I want them over/on me.

I am just going to leave these right here.

I want his face in my face like he was examining for skin cancer his lips should be so close I can feel the heat from his breath that will make me gasp.

 The kiss that will go on for (lawd just don’t even know)

 His back tho. Lawd!

Jesus christ tis is hot. Flashback blue steel  Skars never a bad idea. NEVER!! See he always wanted to be a model. Loook at him. fine ass motherfucker

I need his itinerary would make my life much easier.


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