The Father of my Chirrun and Boy does he look great at being a Tiff papa. Alexander Skarsgård Daddy awesome.

 Omg I totally didn’t see tis but come on at the point at when I posted tis, everything was blurry as a motherfuck and my feels was all over the place and my womb was screaming go get/find him and make him your baby daddy for christ sake. I want to but he is working. I am waiting for him to have some free time so I can totally take it up. He totally made me fucking happy and sad all at the same time. I swear I can’t say I love him anymore. I may have to come up with another word because I am pretty sure my love for him is great and we are not physically together what would it be when we are.

 look at at them and look at  him how at ease he is. Granted, he is surround by small children as well since the Skarsgårds are pretty much half the population of Sweden so NO surprise that he knows what and how to be around them. But what even more precious is that Onata is all over him like he was her dad. I tell ya kids watch them if they like you, consider that person because kids especially young ones are the closest to real truth we human being can come up to. If a child has no interest in you, you will know it, because they will walk away or go somewhere else if they aren’t interested in you and your fuckery. Oh I can now see that he does have on her hair bow here too. LAWD must you be you, which is awesome.

Fuck he is so beautiful the hair bow makes it, you would think no but tis is Alexander he only get better everything is added plus. I’ve  yet to see a minus to quit him, granted that I came really close a couple of times but then I came back because well… I know why and other than he is not here and mine and having the sexy time with me. But He can make it up to me repeated later. My niece and tiny tea cups human would def put ribbons and clips and colour bows in his hair omg and I would take loads of pics.

He sure doesn’t have a problem finding a baby mama now, he has his picks their a lot of wombs being thrown at him, he could start his own village now and call it Asgård.  Bless him I love him to bits. Beautiful human being. Come make babies and roots with me.

The bow is incredible sexy I would hit it until it falls out of his hair. Oh yeah. 

Just because he wants me to love him more than anything there is video footage of him being daddy awesome. God SO MUCH LOVE FOR HIM IT SURREAL.

I present to you my baby daddy Alexander Skarsgård, boo boo tell me where you gonna be so I can find you and make tis happen. It needs to happen written in the stars and sky and my loins and all that.

She is in his arms the whole time, he better know that around my tiny humans he will run out of room. I know one in particular that likes being held and if she knows you like doing that, walking with her own two legs is no longer an option. Just FYI on a Monday

Seriously all needs is still seriously deeply impacting me.


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