Did Anna have her babies or baby it’s still not clear to me. For one her bump was small for twins but yeah. Lawd!

I guess I will find out when she start strolling. But still looking at these pics she looks post delivery and her bump is gone. GONE Look there is no way she could have place that bag on that bump the last time I say her bump was high and old wives tales says girl. Plus Alexander said girls like football so yeah she gave birth. Megs carried low and she had a boy.

Anyways do I congrats or get confused. HW pregnancy I can’t keep up and it’s all weird and stuff. ( I still say she had baby but when tho, did every)

 exhibit big bump

 no bump, unless my ass needs glasses I am saying birth

 yeah you can’t rest that hand bag on that high bump

 I mean its her rights and all to hide or show or tell it just seems odd and I am confused, well not really but to why she is now sporting a bag bump. Gosh see that’s why I don’t follow celebs there is always a WTF moment but tis concerns baby or babies so I don’t want to start. either ways I am sure it will clear up soon. She doesn’t look too happy tho, not that Anna was a sun shiner anyways. But still..


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