Awww Skarsgård Bro in Toronto did they party like rockstars.

Yeah did they? Without me, fight back tears. (I am glad they were hanging out tho) What don’t blame me. Alexander started all tis water works parading about all daddy awesome with jelly beans, my feels, they are still all over the place.

Anyroo how sweet is tis? I was hoping Billy dee would come out of  his hidden place and come hang with Big Bro aka father of my chirrun.  I LOVE IT. I DO >THEY ARE FAMILY OKAY AND THAT STUFF JUST HITS IN SOFT SPOTS. plus I don’t see much pic of them together I want to see more picture of them together I got a pic here where I can see it of  me and my big bro and I love it so much. I love seeing tis  SO MUCH SO TIS IS HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT.


 that lady in the blue is totally narrow vision on Alexander, hey I would be too. One track mind of Alexander since 2010 and fully switch on since 2012. Anyways Billy dee doesn’t not look impressed. Or maybe he felt asleep.

 Billy dee working on his blue steel.

 yep def working on his blue steel that will make him a nice side modeling career. Why not it landed his Big bro a nice CK deal. Good examples are great. I have no idea who the other dudes are and I don’t care enough to google.

 Go on semi finalist skaars work that steel. He is an Handsome kid. But I just want to squeeze his little face and ask him what he is listening to and judge him accordingly or give him gold stars. I would be protective of him even tho  he is tall enough and can take care of himself I am sure. Can’t help it he would be my little bro. I would know when to give him his space or just judge him silently, yeah I am good at that too.

Min  kärlek. 

 my father of my chirrun coming through right there. Just needed to state that. Job just started, now I have to find him an tell him that obvious fact i Miss his face. He looks great from the side but he totally does it for me so yeah

Billy dee hanging with I don’t know Canadian people and people  of other nations. Socializing must be done.

Oh nozzz see tis is when my big sister would kick in. He looks lost and looking for Alexander.  Bad Alex.  Alexander why is Billy dee all by himself and might be looking for you. Explain.  Even tho he is basically living alone in Toronto filming a series without an adult and probably uses the microwave much more than the stove and drink and watch tumblr porn ( just guessing it is free) and all kinds of stuff kids his ages does. (I sound like an ancient fossil, but hey ) But still if we were rolling together we would have check points discussed or cell phone reconnection. Then I be like where were you dammit. You cause me to worry. Dude, please I do tis to my big bro when ever we go out and he is missing for more than 5 mins even if he trolling for the ladies, he needs to give me a heads up so I don’t have to care if he is dead or something, and he is ancient, okay not ancient but still. I worry. I am always the one body checking if we are in groups. Ask anyone that knows me. Not lost a soul when rolling in the deep or the shadows. Anyways  Why does he looks so skinny, he and Alex needs to come to my place so I can cook them a couple of meals.

 that they actually hang out last weekend all in all good viewing weekend for me, Alexander with tiny human and little bro ham. I love it.

Okay tis is flooding around tumblr barefoot Alexander I rarely see his feet. They look nice and tis pic is super cute.  love me some flashback Alexander it funny,cute and adorable all at once.


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