Alexander Skarsgårds wants the babies and a long line at Staple center in LA screams pick me.

Yeah so I come to a lot of OMG I WANT TO HAVE HIS BABIES today. You thought I had died or was hospitalized huh?! I kinda though so too at one point pen, paper and a note to my family did cross my mind. But naaw I am stronger than that.  My desire to have his babies along with his tumblr and fan base  has indeed sky rocketed. No surprise tis Sweet piece of Swedish deliciousness kept bringing the death of wombs and the expectations for future baby daddy on a high.

Does it now mean that I have to join a long ass line and compete with loads of women I am afraid to say the grand totally I don’t like to compete but I am always in the race.

But it is all over in his eyes tho, the I want babies eyes trust me I can tell see it. Considering that the last six years, my life and the life of some of my friends has had extension of many tiny humans I can see the I want babies eyes. I am not surprise he is setting up shop, nesting. I mean he is having what I had a few years back people around me producing offspring. Anna and Stephen with their plus plus soon,. His dad has added another to the bunch and god knows who else around him is having or excepting. As the saying goes when it rains it pours and tiny babies almost always makes you want to have tiny babies even when their parents especially their moms looked like they have been ran over by a tractor, bus and a train.

 yep  Alexander def  have babies with me eyes. My answer: YES come and get all of tis and more already. Boo boo mi amor Alexander.

How awesome is tis pic Jelly beans is like yeah I didn’t have to walk today. Alex is like I want a couple of these and I am behind my computer offering, babies and marriage and family recipes. Wondering if he can hear me shout. Come get it and be mine.

 Look at his face tho, I Adore the shit out him.

 Be mine and make babies with me. His eyes sparkle here so much. He looks Happy. I love to see him Happy. He should be Happy, come be happy with me Min kärlek. 

 he will be the favee I am sure from us both, I can be very strict. I have rules I love kids but I hate naughty unnecessary rude ones.

If you want candy you got to have your fruits, don’t ask for things if you can’t finish. I say things twice and that’s it but most of the times the first time is enough. etc but I am very close to my inner child so I can play and have fun which I do most often than not.

 Look at his face tho. It’s totally saying make babies with me and everything in and outside of me is screaming yes.

 see the entire photos is make babies with me and I keeping replying Yes, boo boo times a million and in swedish yes I will have your chirrun, Barn. I don’t what has  been taking you so long but it doesn’t matter you are on the baby train so come and find me or tell me where you are so we can get tis party started.

 Tis my baby daddy right there all 6, 5″ of him and his big huge hands that will cradle or babies in safety

I love him okay and I love his make babies with me face and I am still saying yes, thanks for fueling my Saturday with visual stimulation as to why I already know I want to have your babies and why I know you will be a great Papa. Now come find me or send bread crumbs for me to find you and lets have the Barn. Chirrun cause my answer is yes to all your question. Oh and Onata approves of tis message/statement.


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