One pic says it all. Story of Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård life right now.

Yeah, everything in tis pic basically sums up his life right now.

Sometimes pics sometimes imitate life.


Yeah, look at it a kiss on the cheek, ladies and rumors there of someone ushering him somewhere, he is on the move a woman behind him doesn’t matter what size there is always one around a dude in the background wondering why is tis not my life and a crowd of admiring fans and pics lots and lots of pics. Aww he must feel very love.

Tis is pretty much me always.

Then tis is pretty much how it will play out afterwards a woman put it on him a woman help him clean it off. LOL!!

 it could be worst. Women love him, I know that. I love him. So yeah can’t be mad at that.


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