He needs to come plant some roots with me. Lets go ahead and practice Alexander

yeah, Ask and ye shall receive. I have been asking for Alex in my bed since 2010 and again in 2011 and now in 2012 but I still haven’t seen/ experience it yet. COME ON!! The Universe is testing me, or will my reward be much more great the longer the wait the better the grant prize. I am going to go with that.

Okay so lets get into it shall we, the reminds of my soul can get o with it because I swear sometimes he is trying to kill me, I never knew I could love him anymore but I do, it just keeps multiplying lawd. So MUCH LOVE FOR HIM.

 staring at tis pic I swear I could hear it as loud as someone standing next to me screaming.

That’s it I am NOT having ANYONE ESLE  babies. I AM JUST HAVING HIS BABIES. That was probably my reproduction system screaming the obvious. Me: FUCK!! but I co sign that statement. If I do have someone else offspring in the future, it will be a miracle because lawd I AM NOT SEEING IT HAPPENING except with him.

It Doesn’t help that he has got let me make babies with you eyes. Do you see them? That’s not what you see, that’s what I see and can not be unseen nor will it. I dub them lets make babies eyes and my reply is Yes Dr. Skargård I’ve been offering that since Puss premiere 2010. PS we would have beautiful chirrun.

 I know there are others in tis pics my eyes only see blurry images tho cause I only see them. 

 I know there is someone else in tis pic but I blocked her out. You see how Jelly beans is all lifted up and wrapped around him. Pretty much me even tho her tiny little legs don’t wrap around him mine will and tis will happen, I don’t know how often when or where but tis would highly probably be apart of our every day life. So heads up Alexander that’s me plus the nibbling of the neck and ears and rubbing up against the scruff. Oh I am all over his back too. Tis was a PSA from me to everyone especially him. I hope he is taking is vitamins. it’s kinda true now, these pics are sending a lot of stuff into overdrive. I have to go and find some viking baby names for in the future= because christ he looks so good around and with kids. He should have kids and he should have them with me. (you must have saw that coming, don’t be so slow) He needs to go home to Sweden after filming Hidden and go hang out for lunch with Gudrun on the weekend and eat lots of food so I can run into him/them accidentally of course and ask to join their table, and ask Gudrun and his cousin how they’re doing I  kinda sorta know Gudrun now she waves and smiles at me so it totally wouldn’t be weird at all and begin the start of a lot of beautiful things.

LAWD I  will be trying tis too,  just so you know maybe not so often since I am not that short or tiny but still at less once or maybe twice or on occasions I can’t promise anything yet.

I love tis pic for many reasons, he looks great from tis angle, she looks great he looks great and I want to have his chirrun and  I LOVE HIM. SO MUCH. Sometimes words fail, it does, FAIL. I don’t feel it’s delivering my feelings properly right now.

OH  MY GAWD tis me through the entire viewing of all these pics/gif. Alexander Skarsgård then that gesture.

Oh bless tis girl. Bless her times a 1000 for waking up before Jesus and the Mexican and going to the premiere. For  finding a spot so close and Bless the photographer who was at the right place at the right time and bless her reacts because tis is totally where I am right now. BLESS TIS PIC.


PS I don’t think she will be alright are the same after tis but it’s just me guessing.


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