Everyone looks Fabulous and Flawless in Black. Maise Cast reunion.

Yeah everyone is stylin and in black. Lets start with the little one did I say I adore her but I think she is great I saw some of her video clips and she is so fucking adorable and cute and she has grown but she is still skinny but she looks so great. She is still 80% more of a child than a actress it should really be like that, act occasionally but still be silly and a child. I can’t take those professional kids that works more than I do and basically is the bread maker of the family it should be like that she should be awkward and clueless while cute and stylin and did she ever.

 Christ is she styling or is she styling she is styling okay. I am loving very much her frock. I love that she is popping it with grey tights and her little princess heels. I love the gold accent I love her her loose like that little black rose. Basically I am saying she should style me. I totally feeling it all. She is owning it ALL.

 Jesus christ she is adorable. So precious. 

 Of course I was feeling his EVERYTHING.

 Justbecause I can’t post them enough okay. NOT EVEN ENOUGH

 How fucking Flawless were these two.

 ridiculously good looking sexy people.

F.L.A.W.L.E.S.S Christ his face tho, I love it so much. I can’t get enough, why can’t I get enough or bored of him. I hate my no Alexander next to me life. At least Moore is having better luck. Can we talk about Moore being a Fabulous Flawless being. She was wearing the fuck out of that dress and those heels want and her hair was flawless and hello to your peek a boo boobs Jules. Nice tease, I loved it all she looked  FUCKING FIERCE. FIERCE  even I try to take a look at them girls. They look nice. Way to tease the crowd Moore it was sexy and I was feeling/looking at them hey she put them in my face I am going to stare.

 because there is just NOT enough pics of them. Maybe that was for the best cause I am barely holding on tho.

 aww the 3 of them in the same place and one frame and looking flawless in Black.





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