Micheal Bolton is my music crack. I totally own that. Fist pump the air.

So I spend a great(er) part of my day yesterday listening to Micheal Bolton and having memories flashback.(it really doesn’t take much, memories I have them okay) It all started from putting iPod on random play next thing you know old school hits, it start off with Phil Collins and some Roxette and then one motherfucking  Micheal Bolton song and then I have to find the entire album and air mic sing to that. I KNOW ALL THE LYRICS TO EVERY SONG. I DON’T CARE IT’S WAS MY SHIT AND STILL IS. I did a lot of face time evaluation to Bolton a lot of making out and touchy feeling was carried on while the music played out and there was a lot of singing and getting my Bolton on. Good times. Good times.

But funny I was never sad while listening to these could be because around that time I was happy and making out or jamming care free and no fucks and all that jazz. (I almost always had a BF at the time while listening to these or my Sads were so SAD. But now I listen to these songs and I am depressed as as motherfucker and the hit right deep in the feels. Reason I am SINGLE you should NEVER listen to Micheal Bolton SINGLE it creates suicidal tendencies. Fuck my Single no man life right now. (not that you can’t not have a man in your life, but still) Why am I single again?  Oh yeah it could be because I spend my free time starting at this Swedish Jesus motherfucker  it might have something to do with it. (hello duh!)

So anyways while I was listening and getting the happy and the SADS all at the same time, I get a call, so what are you doing? Nothing just listening to Bolton and giving myself the SADS. Oh good you’re busy. yeah call me later to cheer me up. So anyways it’s safe to say I had a thing for Bolton back then,  he writes hot sexy songs and he looked like a romance novel male cover guy. Which I did not mind at all his song were sexy and suggestive and the videos were cheesy and predictable but lawd did it ever do it for me. I have said that I wanted to be his girl even tho I was way too young and even in inbreed family it would not be appropriate and he would get lock up and all that jazz but yeah totally had vision of him singing to me but I wouldn’t make it to the end because I would be DEAD not like fangurl I am gonna die but no I pronounce you DEAD, DEAD. Because lawd the songs tho and his voice.  I even said I couldn’t meet him in person because if he ever said the word COMPLETELY. I WOULD BE DEAD. name, born tis year died that. DEAD!

So anyways since I am still on his crack I am going to post some video. Your  Welcome, PS if your single Hide the butter knives just saying.


Yes! Alexander Skarsgård you may over and over again.

Yes, tis brought the SADS. Weeping.

LAWD tis song tho.


Christ how I am I still typing this consciously


I know every lyric and every tone and bridge and I sing the shit out of these songs.

And there goes that small string that was holding my emotion state together.

If the end tis post is me stating I am all about the love songs and Micheal Bolton is the crack I shouldn’t be on right now.

Oh yeah tis one that makes you want to end it all.

Did I just ruin your day and encourage you finish the gin or make cocktails from whatever that have high percentage of alcohol in it. I would say I am sorry. But I am not.

excuse while I find something to keep me going.

Oh yeah I say tis today too. You know I like to balance it out and I want tis at my next bday party if I will survive said Bday is another thing. I can’t see through my fucking eyes and what is air. tis is just too fucking funny. FYI PLEASE KEEP AN EYE ON THE  RED SPIDERMAN WHAT EVER YOU DO DON’T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE SPIDER MAN.

I had to find a reason to go on and Spiderman/batman totally brought me back. So much booty popping/jingling. Praise his light!

Get Loose with it!!

Yeah! I am good now. So if there are any news Alex pics I am be Neo to Mr. Smith Matrix 1 end scene

 yeah pics I feel nothing, NUTTIN.

fuck it you know it’s gonna be more like tis.

 with Boo boo kitty let me love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.


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