Just Some Alexander and Jelly beans to make me really really want to have his chirruns no big deal.

Yeah, come to find these special somethings on tumblr. It’s showing at Tiff tis weekend. Is he going? Is she going? If that’s a yes, I would love to see them all dress up and pretty and dies from all the pretty photo that will come.

 your face tho.

 see always tis.

haha love the face,  christ I adore tis small child so much. So much awesome attitude she will do well in the business how she still can be a child tho ad not a working tea cup human.

 yeah, he keeps doing it for me on so many levels. Kinda annoying.

 So it all green lights go now. He all over the department stores and windows. Good for boo boo kitty, yeah they will get stolen.  Still want to spray it all over his bod and really finding out what it smells like.

So is his poster all over Sweden stores now and in the mags? Is it? I hope so. That would be cool. Speaking of Sweden will be be there soon? When does he finish filming Hidden. Will he be less Hidden after that and will it be in Sweden. Will I know where and when he is, so I may or may not go seek and find him.  Tis might keep me up at nights. Yes, yes I am totally invested in his life and  knowing what’s going on in his life. I needs to know like I needs to be all over him and his face like an oxygen mask.

Anyways I garb these off tumblr the other day Loved them.

gosh his face don’t you just want to rub up on his face like a cat on someone’s legs.  especially now that’s it all scruffy and lovely I adore his face and  his facial expression.  I miss his face okay. like a lot a lot.


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