Boo boo kitty should come find me. I will snuggle it better.

Alexander Skarsgård – photo by Jonas Bilberg
NOTE: This is Google Translated (Got to love Google translate it always clear stuff up.)
Traveling halfway around the world for a weekend in the city (appreciate that you can afford tis)
“True Blood” star Alexander Skarsgård, 33, has his successful life in the U.S.. (which will get better, trust in that)
But the Norwegian newspaper Verdens gang he says now about his homesickness.
– I miss Stockholm and family very much, says the actor. (I know how you feel. He needs his own roots)
Family is important for Alexander Skarsgard . (I know how you feel boo boo kitty) So important that he sometimes takes the opportunity to take the long flight to Sweden – just to spend a weekend in Stockholm.
Got her eighth child
Now he has also become big brother again when my father Stellan Skarsgård recently received his eighth child , the other with his wife Megan.
They also his son Ossian (so freaking cute) , 3, together.
– I had not seen Ossian in three months.(that is sad he is adorable as hell, I am always tempted to pick  him up and say hey, but I don’t want to seem like a crazy cat lady. He is precious tho) It’s a very long time to be away from such a small guy, says Alexander Skarsgård to VG.
But seasonal break of “True Blood” got Skarsgard five days for a quick visit to Stockholm last summer. Then he would work again, with the film “Hidden” as recorded in Canadian Vancouver.
– It’s about a family in a shelter, and I had the choice between spending the summer in the Swedish archipelago, or in a small room under the earth, he says .
“I’m excited” (so am I, sounds like my kind of film)
Now Alexander will be joined by Bill Skarsgård , 22, in the United States because little brother is current for a role in the TV series “Hemlock grove.”
series is a horror of Eli Roth, who has been behind blockbusters like “Hostel.” (Hostel was a fuck up movie man, fucked up need less to say I wouldn’t be back packing Europe ALONE)
– I am very happy on his behalf. It will be fun to have him here. I miss Stockholm and family very much,(you should come make babies with me, or start practicing) says Alexander Skarsgård.
In the interview, the Swedish Hollywood star even if their will to work in Scandinavia “on sight.
Joni Nykänen
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