Boo Boo Kitty in LA, in new clothes, well hey now, hey there.

Yeah, tis motherfucker is like a mysterious fog, He would probably get along with my Aunt the other mysterious fog. One minute he is there next minute he is here and doing god knows what. Personally I am not impressed at all. Until tis Swedish Jesus turns up at my front door and make out with my face as a new way of saying Hello I am not impressed. (so turn up at my door, so I can feed you and please you) I already said if I don’t have him in my bed and in his or my arms before xmas comes then fuck tis all to hell. I am done. Yes, selfish is my first, middle and last name. Plus my  I can’t with tis fangirl behind screen shit I have been doing the last couple of years. It’s irritating as fuck. Change needs to happen.

Anyways so lets cheer up shall we. He looks good, he looks really good here beside a bit tired.

 I love it, I like those pants, his hair looks great I love it and I want to mess it up as always. I am loving a lot of things right now. He should come to me for the love of.

 he looks GREAT, , yes yes his weight lost is obvious but not in these clothes. I am staring at his crotch what?! it like staring back at me. Aww his hands, needs to be all over my face and body. Such pretty hands, Such an handsome man. 

 do you want to jump him. I do, story of my life right now.  I might have to wait a bit to ride his… back, yeah that’s what I meant. If he feels capable/able then I am more than willing.  I miss his fucking face, so much.

Oh my I am loving his hair and his scruff and his face.  new clothes, you know I always appreciate that he always brings out my vain bitch tho, his repeat wear I just can’t but he does have nice style. Sweet even. Just needs to freshen up his closet since he now owns a house maybe he will get a closet and buy new clothes and some dishes and ask  ME come visit!! Or come visit me either ways win win.

There is also a video and there is a woman in there. haha, christ fangurls, fandom I am just going to watch him in motion I have not seen him in motion for a while now. You know I like to watch him walk away would now really want him to walk up to me and let his scruff create scruff burns on my face. I want to feel his scruff and other things not that was a secret.

He gonna have to hold my hands like all the time, he a fast walker, but that’s not the real reason I just want to hold on his hands like all the time, and put my hands around his waist. But he gonna have to slow down on the speed seeing that I don’t have river legs.

thumbs up for the clothes, see he can spend money on more clothes.


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