He is SO BEAUTIFUL (it’s disgusting, NO IT IS NOT) Boo boo kitty. WEEPING.

Look at him. I am been doing it all day and weekend will suck donkey ass. Sads I have them. But he is so fucking beautiful and you know what sucks even more that he is fucking beautiful inside and out. (weeping.)

On that note, I can see why they are rehashing rumors of young swede and hot swede.(wasn’t that 2011, I guess old news is new news too) If I follow all these rumor altho some of them tho. He has been going through the nations of women being a manwhore only to go back home to Sweden. Because you know Swedes can only date swedes, American with American and Canadian with Canadian because why have a big whole world when you can still in your pond. Not saying you can’t find love in your own pond but yeah.   I love that everyone has and force their ideas on him (could be that he never speak up or say anything, he believes silence is the cure, not all the time min kärlek not all the time) and what is going on with him. Far be it from me to know much for certain I am just going off my gut and what I am sensing/ wifi feeds of him. But if he has been indeed dating tis girl for 6 months yeah that is when you lose me  (which I don’t believe, but hey I choose to go with that feeling that he is single and coming to me) well that does not look good at all. Maybe it’s what I need to piss off and go find a social life tho. I would love to know so I can piss off and go back to having a social life.

All I can say is someone is in dire need for him to have someone, he can’t be tis hot and single GOD FORBID not there have not been women.  I have seen that video of him taking a woman home  with him if he is single that is his right to. If if he is dating tis girl back then WTF Gross but what better way to go than Sweden right because we all know he LOVES Sweden.

I just don’t like tis image that is being plaster of him on the web that he is tis douche of a coward / manwhore of a man that hides the women he is with and while doing douchey things and women in the process but then again it’s not my life or name . I  just love him. Maybe I need to let go of that ideal. Because  I don’t like the way media and blogs and gossip is painting the Alexander Skarsgård I love. (I DO LOVE HIM SO MUCH) Maybe Alexander Skarsgård has no problem with tis, then it is just me then cause honestly  sometimes


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