The most excellent of human being in Hidden.

So I guess he is the new Tom Cruise with his religion on set now.

Praise Lilith! haha


I just hope dis doesn’t turn up on set.

 that’s some scary shit tho.

Anyways.  I am sure she is going through her life choices and be like I did acting school at 4 months for tis. (like Karatee you start young)  Then she hears Hard knock life in her head for the entirety of the shoot.

 so he is Askars double, okay then,  you can tell he means business by his Robocop sunglasses. Just a tip stunt man if you going to zone in your best Askars you got to work dem hips. Like Hello, he doing right there.

 they do realized that the child is being left behind and will either get eaten or snatch. Just sayin’ or clearly it is every man , woman and child for themselves.

 Askars looking cute and adorable and I see a sweet smile.

 Aww the bunker family I love the almost matching depression outfits. For better or worst eh. He looks good with a wedding ring on his finger doesn’t he? Yes, he does. God, him playing the family man with a wedding ring on is finger is hawt as fuck. yes, yes, I am totally thinking about myself in tis equation. Ummm, Alexander and a wedding band.

 see even when he’s in danger, he still has to hip pop for us. Bless him. Gawd his scruffy face and survival man hair is making me warm ok. Christ! His dirty hands and wedding finger. Fuck!

 sweet face aaww boo boo kitty, he kinda looks like a swedish Jesus. after the Vikings went Christen that is.

 not because you are in a bunker doesn’t mean you don’t   care about your hair. He is such a model. A CK one.  He is fabulous okay. It doesn’t matter he just is.

 this is him demonstrating how you ride the pony, well I guess in Sweden  they do it differently.

 she said look tis way Alex. Pay attention. Not even a month marriage and there are signs of…

 As I have stated, I would take him any which way. I loves him K can’t say it often or enough. So much too. I am liking his hair and highlights.

 he is so expressive maybe in a past life he was a mime.

 yeah, maybe you want to spare me and not acting anymore (okay for a while) with chirrun especially little girls, because it does things to me and my ovaries that shouldn’t happens while looking at pics of  you. Just saying Tack in advance. Sign me and my longings.

 well tis pic is all about the eyes and the lips of course and yes his Swedish Jesus face or discovery survival man face. Either ways I am not that bothered, I just want to interact.

 this is when he found out it’s lunch time. You would be excited too.

 tis is his shit just got really real face. Which is super cute btw.


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