Oh so Alexander Skarsgård is NOT Hidden anymore. Well yippee for me then. I would still hit but I would give it a good cuddle first and whole cherry pie for himself..

Did you see what I did there?! No move along, so there are so many pics of boo boo kitty doing his actor thing. Yes, yes without me moi. Sadness, but I will get over it and I am reading a lot of things too that he looks like a starving Marvin well then if he looks like a near death. I must never have seen one. He’s method now sure probably eats instead of 3 meals goes for 2 or 1 1/2  but he is not so method where he looks like death or will starve himself. Hope not don’t think so tho.

These pics seems to suggest that the custom is doing a great job, just look at what super big pants and then shirt and clothes will do for  a Lanky tall Swede. Not saying that he hasn’t shed a weight and then some. Not saying that after this he should come to see me and let me help out with a couple of warm meals and shower and my bed. (I am saying that btw) Yeah that’s on the table. But people are getting over excited about how he has shed so much weigh need to calm down.

But hey his fandom is not know for much calm, (Okay, okay they have gotten better) speaking of calm which it seems it has been far too long but hey. Alexander Skarsgård got him so many, mother, girlfriends, future wives and baby mama so much concern and attention be it good or bad. He much feel unbelievable loved everyday.

Either ways, He looks the part lets say that, but don’t over do it tho. The not eating much because I want to look like tis for tis role I am doing. But that’s just the future wife/bay mama in me talking. What y’all are not the only one that cares. I worry too ok. I care about his well being and such.

 yeah these pants are the shit. What, at least they are baggy and ill fitting for a reason I am pretty sure tis is like 2 size up. At least.

 looks like he needs a shower, but don’t think his character has the time. His movie daughter looks confused not about the script but why that dude in the brushes dress up like that. It wasn’t necessary. It just wasn’t.

 tis whole pic carries the tune of him being in a bunker for a long ass time and he hasn’t had a shower in a long ass time. I am not here to judge tho. We do what we must to survive.

 pics of him can be sometimes deceiving on certain angles it gives certain views. In tis he does look frail but I don’t think that he is tis frail looking.

 looks like a cool set

 his face still looks amazing to me tho. I did say I would take him any which way.

yeah he is still fine and I would still hit it.

I miss his face still and but I love is wild man survival look. Boo boo kitty can I get a hug or can I give you a couple.

 yes boo boo you on film or camera or video and it is now online and on my blog.


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