He is sitting in a chair, you know what that does to me. Meep.

Yes, yes to mere morals who have better things to do and hopefully people tis is just a dude (but he is my dude) in a chair reading a book. (a heavy book at that) but to me, it bothers me and gets me excited. What. OMG please! PG 13 version I would be doing more that sitting in that or any chair he is in.

Alex in a chair reading a book or on Alex on grass reading a book is really hot. Alex reading a book in bed would make me book a flight and find his place of dwelling and ravage him after feeding him first. But we take what we can get.

I hope there some veggs in that soup. I hope he is taking extra vitamins too.  They need to stop giving him kiddie bowls and spoon to eat with. Look at his hands tho needs to be on my face and body.

 I would slide up and down on dem legs like a 4 year kid. See maybe it for the best I am not there. (No it is not for the best,  I should always be there) I would distract him and slip him a jelly donut or two and a shake. I can tell you right now,  he wouldn’t have been that far in that/any book. He would still be at chapter one, page 2.

Yep I would be up and down and all around him. He might need a new chair tho, i don’t think it would be able to withstand me. So is tis like his second book. Damn! Good stuff, I guess he is all about reading scripts/books and acting right now. Well good on you boo boo kitty.

PS he is gonna have to send for me or come to me so I can nurse him to good because tis is calling out to my nurturing side.


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