Tis is how I introduce my new partner.

 Yeah that’s how I do, I would use his name tho then I’ll get everyone in the same room at the same time because I have a lot of people okay and say tis. Then I will say the same to Him about them and my little sister would do this

 because she is the baby of the bunch and she thinks her shit smells like roses sometimes.

I love you all, be nice and cool with each other and don’t make me have to choose ever. Then everybody will be like okay we wouldn’t. My mama will be like I don’t know why you’re getting so excited we were not rises by wolves you know. Then everybody will have juice and  cookies and then it starts.

Mama: He is tall and handsome

Me: I know

Lil sis: Y’all going to get married and have babies.

Me: I am gonna need you to calm down.

Big Sis: He better be good to you, is he good to you?

Me: Yeah!

Sis (smiles) Welcome! she is easy if I am good, she is good.

Big Bro: Sup (head nod in his direction) while he sizes him up further.

Big bro; Hey welcome to the family. He already sized up and moved on forward.

and out of no where my Aunty will show up like a mysterious fog I don’t know how she does it but she does and question him like a FBI/ CIA then she would be did you know on me.

Somewhere I be like nah, how did you know?

Then she will call and tell my Uncles and cousins and the word will spread and they will ask when am I going to meet him and I be like I don’t know. I will get back to you on that. One of my Uncles will call my mom and ask. So how is your new son in law? Is he alright good guy, bad guy what do you really think and I be like we’re not married yet. People please!

The tiny humans which are mostly females (my side is like the Skarsgårds females over run the males)  will surround him  while pulling on his pants legs to get his attention while smiling.

Partner would be overwhelmed then fed later. 1 day later everybody will be friends.


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